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New Ravens Subforum Game - Are You Smarter Than an NFL GM?


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With the move to the new forum, I thought we'd try a few new things to get some extra discussion going and this will be the first one.

Basically, the point of the game is to make picks using the actual picks the Ravens used (or had access to) and then to come back to them at a later date to see whose scouting talent is better or worse than the actual Ravens Front Office.

What you do in this thread, is a select a player at each draft spot.  You may keep the player the Ravens selected at that spot, or you many select anyone that was available on the board in real life instead.  If you skip over a player the Ravens picked, you CAN NOT draft them at a later spot.  Nor can you select a player the Ravens picked at a later spot than where they were draft.  As an example from the draft just passed, if you decided to choose Taco Charlton at pick 16 instead of Marlon Humphrey, then you cannot draft Marlon at a later pick.  You may not make any trades.

If this gets enough interest, I think 3 years later (so before the 2020 draft) would be a good time to evaluate whether the players selected have been a success in the NFL or not.  It will also have the potential to be more interesting in future years if draft day trades happen in real life and we can then have the option to take the trades or not.  

Option 1: Original pre-draft day picks










Thanks to @y2lamanaki for the idea.


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