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Helpful Tips for Posting in Valhalla (i.e. Vikings Forum)


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I am Heimdallr, guardian of Valhalla. Hear my words and fear my wrath. Not really, but here are some helpful guidelines:

1. Follow the global Forum Rules: https://forums.footballsfuture.com/guidelines/

2. Check for duplicates. Try to add your comments to an existing topic if possible. We have seen a lot of similar topics lately. If you have seen a topic discussing our QB position, don't start a new topic of which of the multiple QBs you prefer. We all keep up with most threads so if you ask the question in the existing thread, it will get plenty of attention. Also - please don't take it personally if we lock a thread as a duplicate. We're just trying to make it easier to discuss the issues, rather than needing to read through three different threads on WRs. 

3. Please keep the posts on topic. This is the Minnesota Vikings forum. We don't see this as much of a problem, but when threads get way off topic, we can create a new thread and keep the existing one on topic. 

4. Strive for quality. Don't start a topic just to ask a question or something that can be looked up on Google in a few mins. This is an important one if we want this site to be the best on the web. No one here knows everything so don't feel embarrassed about that. But rather than asking questions like "What does this guy do?" or "When did we draft that guy?", take some time to research it on the web and find your answer. Then, your post will be more insightful rather than asking questions which could be answered yourself. 

5. Proofread your post. Typos can occur, as none of us are perfect. However, don't be in such a rush to hit the submit button. This is a fantastic habit to acquire. In all walks of life, you'll find people respect you much more if you take the time to communicate clearly and effectively. Posts like "wat do u tink we shuld d obut the WR pozishun?" are not against the rules, but they're difficult to read and will annoy most of the other members. The more care you take in forming your post, the more interest and intelligent replies it will create. 

6. Give your topic a descriptive subject which lets members know what they can expect in the post. Don't use generic subjects like "am i" or "help" or "question", etc. This happens occasionally in here. Just make the effort to describe your post in the title. A mysterious title like "Guess what?" may seem like a good way to lure people in, but it creates more duplicate threads and makes the forum less inviting to those who are just reading. They will find a title like "We should trade for David Carr" much more enticing than one like "My Idea". 

7. This isn't a race. Take your time and make your post "friendly to readers." When responding to others' posts, go ahead and quote the previous post. However, when quoting too many previous posts, readers will have to scroll through the entire conversation to get to your response. And having to do so likely means they will not even read your response. When quoting a conversation, make sure there are only a couple of quotes, taking the time to delete the older ones before you hit submit. This will ensure that your response gets read by others and makes for a more lively conversation. 

Finally, a few pieces of advice: 

Idea If you ever want or need to talk to a mod, feel free to either send gopher or I a private message, or just mention us in a post ( @Heimdallror @gopherwrestler)  and we will get a notification. We are here to help.

Idea We're all here to have fun and talk Vikings football. If you have a negative comment, please be respectful and never make the comment personal. If you get negative feedback on your post, keep an open mind and don't get defensive. We're unique here in that we promote respect and intelligent conversation. Arguments don't add anything positive. 

Idea Don't ever hesitate to talk to either Klomp or myself. As the Vikings moderators, it's our responsibility to keep the forum clean of problems. If you have a problem, question, or issue with ANYTHING going on here, please PM one of us and we will help you. We want everyone to enjoy themselves here, and will do anything to ensure that your experience here is a happy one. If you don't yet have PM privileges and have an issue, don't worry about it. We check these forums frequently and will see any potential problems before they get out of hand. Also, if you do have an issue, it's always better to PM us, as situations will usually get resolved much quicker and easier that way. 

Idea If you are new (welcome!), read and introduce yourself in the Intro ThreadIntroducing yourself to the other members will help as an icebreaker in getting to know the other members on the site as well as let them know who you are. We're all Vikings fans, so don't be afraid to show your Purple Pride! 

Idea Realize that we do have to do "dirty work" sometimes. We will lock threads that are duplicates, off topics, or not in line with any of the rules. We will delete posts that are inappropriate. If you break any of the rules repeatedly, you will get a warning. We don't do these things because we enjoy them (except for VD Laughing ) or dislike you, it's simply our duty and we take it very seriously. While you will come to learn that we're generally easy-going, being a Moderator comes first. The Vikings forum is one of the busiest and best forums in FF, and we, along with our members, would like to keep it that way. So, keep on debating whether it's player execution or it's bad play-calling, but keep it clean, keep it nice, and most of all, keep it fun and interesting! 

Idea If you have a topic that doesn't fit exactly into the topic of being Vikings-related, please use one of the following threads to ask your question or submit your discussion: 

 - For Non-Football Discussion, please use the aSK Anything thread. 

 - For Football Discussion not related to the Vikings, use the NFL Snooze News thread.

Thanks to all and Keep up the great work as always!

(also thanks to disaacs for putting these guidelines together)

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