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2023 NFL mock draft thread

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12. Michael Mayer TE Notre Dame starting te

26. Quentin Johnston WR TCU big frame wr to start

37. Antonio Johnson CB Texas A&M lengthy corner/safety 

85. Jordan McFadden OG Clemson potential starting g. Could be a tackle but is not ideal size 

121. Andre Carter II EDGE Army edge depth 

131. Kenderick Duncan S Louisville safety depth 

137. Colby Wooden EDGE Auburn 5tech 

169. Blake Freeland OT BYU swing tackle 

177. Keeanu Benton DT Wisconsin backup nt

Future Capital

2024 PHI 1st

2024 SEA 2nd

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5. Will Anderson Jr. EDGE Alabama shouldnt be available 

37. Bijan Robinson RB Texas purely bpa.  Shouldn't be available.  Imagine having a 220 pounder with wheels

69. Siaki Ika DT Baylor massive freak NT

105. Carter Warren OT Pittsburgh swing tackle 

131. Matthew Jones OG Ohio State g depth

137. Dontay Demus Jr. WR Maryland wr depth 

169. Camren McDonald TE Florida State TE depth 

177. Arquon Bush CB Cincinnati cb depth 

201. JL Skinner S Boise State safety depth 

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10. Quentin Johnston WR TCU Starting wr.  

37. Jordan Battle S Alabama Starting ss

42. Habakkuk Baldonado EDGE Pittsburgh 3rd edge rusher

69. Siaki Ika DT Baylor starting DL.  

131. Austin Stogner TE South Carolina TE depth 

137. Connor Pay OC BYU backup OL

169. Blake Freeland OT BYU swing Tackle 

177. Cam'Ron Kelly S North Carolina s depth

201. Latavious Brini CB Arkansas CB depth 

2024 WAS 1st

2024 WAS 2nd

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NFL mock draft database sim 


Bryan Bresee DL | Clemson A Future starting IDL.  Game is won in the trenches and we need a good interior guy.  Has a good build and very experienced even if he's. Redshirt sophomore. 

38 Josh Downs WR | North Carolina B+ considered wr 5 in this class and has speed which we need. 

70 Habakkuk Baldonado EDGE | Pittsburgh C+ Edge depth. Replaces the injury prone Jordan smith

102 Sam LaPorta TE | Iowa B+ potential starting te( Arnold, engram are free agents along with manhertz)

127 Ryan Hayes OT | Michigan C+ swing tackle 

134 Zay Flowers WR | Boston College D+ potential slot wr

166 Avery Young CB | Rutgers C versatile DB who's got experience at both CB and s. Has solid build at 6 foot 1 200 pounds


179 Ricky Stromberg IOL | Arkansas C+ potential starting c or g

198 Christian Mahogany IOL | Boston College F if he declares shouldn't last this long even coming off an ACL injury. 


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5. Bryan Bresee DT Clemson future starter at IDL.  Should be a replacement for robertson-harris. 

36. Josh Downs WR North Carolina potential starting wr. Adds speed to the wr corps

68. Ricky Stromberg OC Arkansas starting g

104. Brenton Cox Jr. EDGE Florida edge depth 

130. Benjamin Yurosek TE Stanford TE competition with engram manhertz and Arnold as free agents. Profiles as a jumbo slot style TE

136. Tony Grimes CB North Carolina CB depth

168. Noah Ruggles K Ohio State starting k

176. PJ Mustipher DT Penn State backup NT

200. Wanya Morris OT Oklahoma Swing tackle 

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Will Anderson Jr. EDGE | Alabama A shouldn't be here but we thought that about Ramsey and Josh Allen. 

38 J.L. Skinner S | Boise State C+ Starting safety that has length 

70 Jaheim Bell TE | South Carolina B TE competition (top 3 tes are free agents)

102 Parker Washington WR | Penn State B thick wr with playmaking ability 

126 Carter Warren OT | Pittsburgh C+ swing Tackle 

134 Sincere Haynesworth IOL | Tulane B+ interior ol depth 

166 Kenderick Duncan Jr. S | Louisville D safety depth. Has good size 

178 Nehemiah Pritchett CB | Auburn C CB depth 

198 Jake Moody K | Michigan D+ reigning lou groza award winner. Has a big leg. Pretty accurate last year

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  • 16. Quentin Johnston WR TCU Marvin Jones Replacement. 

    38. Gervon Dexter DT Florida Roy RObertson-Harris replacement

    48. Siaki Ika DT Baylor Starting NT. Hamilton is good but Ika is potentially a Vita Vea

    70. Jaheim Bell TE South Carolina Athletic Move/Jumbo Slot TE

    106. Will McDonald IV EDGE Iowa State 3rd edge rusher

    130. Blake Freeland OT BYU Swing Tackle

    138. Tony Grimes CB North Carolina CB Depth

    170. Sataoa Laumea OG Utah G depth

    184. Ja'von Hicks S Cincinnati S depth

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14. Bryan Bresee DT Clemson future starting DT

38. Josh Downs WR North Carolina starting wr 

45. JL Skinner S Boise State starting SS. Replacement for Jenkins

106. Zion Nelson OT Miami (FL) swing tackle 

130. Christian Mahogany OG Boston College coming off an ACL but should be close the BPA

138. Benjamin Yurosek TE Stamford TE depth 

170. Dontay Demus Jr. WR Maryland upside wr 

184. Keeanu Benton DT Wisconsin backup nt

2024 ARI 1st

2024 ARI 2nd

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7. Jalen Carter DT Georgia Starting DL.  could allow the jags to move on from Roy Robertson-harris if they decide to or at the very least will give the jags a high end backup with Key, Smoot and gotsis all set to be free agents. 

38. Josh Downs WR North Carolina explosive WR who lacks some size but he has the athleticism to make it work. 

70. Cameron Latu TE Alabama with 3 free agents to be at TE i think we grab a good Young TE prospect. 

106. Kyu Blu Kelly CB Stanford starting caliber CB with solid size. we could be moving on from griffin this year. 

130. Jaylon Carlies S Missouri taller safety who should at the least be a good depth/ST piece.  

138. Christian Mahogany OG Boston College id plug him at LG and let him solidify that LG spot. 

170. Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu OT Oregon OT depth.  with taylor a Free agent we might need a new backup RT/starter.  hes a 2 year starter at RT. 

184. Jared Verse EDGE Florida State edge depth. was very productive at albany and showed well last saturday.  definitely worth a shot. 

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8. Jordan Addison WR USC replacing marvin jones

39. Siaki Ika DT Baylor if Ika plays like Vea or close to him hes a steal here and honestly it never hurts to have great DL.  not sure if the jags would love on from Roy Robertson-Harris cuz of him but at the very least he pushes Foley and Devon to the best of their abilities. 

71. Tyree Wilson EDGE Texas Tech i dont know if hes gonna be a 3-4 OLB or 3-4 End but i see him being a potential backup for walker and also taking some inside nickel snaps. has outstanding length(which we know balke loves)

107. Darnell Washington TE Georgia we need another young TE on the roster especially with 3 Free Agents on the roster.  he has the size to be a good 1. 

130. Blake Freeland OT BYU if we let Taylor walk this pick makes alot of sense.  lets him and walker compete for the RT spot.   if we keep Taylor we could look to trade little for a high choice and let freeland be out swing tackle

139. Garrett Williams CB Syracuse Griffen has 1 year left on his contract at season end and could be cut this year.  williams is a pretty nice corner imo. 

171. Deuce Vaughn RB Kansas State i think Dougie would love having a Darren Sproles kinda guy. 

191. Cam'Ron Kelly S North Carolina Safety Depth. 

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16. Kelee Ringo CB Georgia simple bpa. Need to make a few cuts for the cap. 

47.Josh Downs WR North Carolina starting wr. 

79. Andre Carter II EDGE Army edge depth.  Offers insurance 

115. Zion Nelson OT Miami (FL) swing Tackle 

127. Mazi Smith DT Michigan future starting dl

147. Christian Mahogany OG Boston College starting lg

179. Tykee Smith S Georgia possible starting safety 

194. Josh Whyle TE Cincinnati pass catching te

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14. Bryan Bresee DT Clemson starting DL

45. Josh Downs WR North Carolina starting wr 

77. Andre Carter II EDGE Army 3rd edge rusher with great length. 

113. Jaelyn Duncan OT Maryland rt competition (Taylor is a fa) and I think little should earn the spot vs given. 

127. Zack Kuntz TE Old Dominion TE of future 

145. Jaylon Carlies S Missouri safety competition. 

177. Cameron Mitchell CB Northwestern cb depth 

194. Doug Nester OG West Virginia was best available guard.  Has solid build at 6 foot 7 330.

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8. Jalen Carter DT Georgia was tempted to go with Mayer or Johnston but Carter was a clear bpa. 

38. Josh Downs WR North Carolina not the ideal build WR we want but at 5 10 180 pounds hes probably wr 5 in this class and brings athleticism. 

81. Andre Carter II EDGE Army Long athletic edge rusher.  hasnt had the greatest year since teams are keying onto him but with walker here i think he wouldnt be keyed on as much.  also gives us a potential replacement for josh allen(if we go that route) or at the least gives us a 3rd actually good edge rusher. 

104. Kyu Blu Kelly CB Stanford starting CB cuz griffin is on that chopping board

117. Dawand Jones OT Ohio State competition for RT.  between Little, jones and a potentially resigned taylor someone should emerge

118. Zack Kuntz TE Old Dominion big athletic TE to develop since we only have 1 Set to be on the roster next year(Farrell)

135. Christian Mahogany OG Boston College kinda a Baalke special coming off an Injury.  competes for starting LG

166. Jermaine Burton WR Alabama wr depth.  some thought he would he would blow up like the way Jameson did last year but it didnt happen.   still a big play guy. 

190. Ja'von Hicks S Cincinnati with Jenkins likely on the chopping block could use a safety for depth and have someone take over the position like thomas. 

195. Mohamed Ibrahim RB Minnesota need a capable Shortyardage back and Ibrahim is a stud even if hes a lil older. 

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