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Steelers New Starting CB Chandon Sullivan


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I looked around but didn't see a thread but decided I'd start one. I know we mentioned this in one thread but Chandon Sullivan being signed by the Steelers is a big move.

I was interested because I confused him with Channing Stribling 😂

I was a fan of Chandon from his Green Bay days. He's an opportunistic CB who makes plays when the ball is within his reach. He looked like a star but that defense, as a whole, was very athletic and very undisciplined. They made plays and gave up huge plays.

Chandon played with Patrick Peterson last season with the Vikings. I'm sure PP informed coach on why he struggled and gave him a strong endorsement to Coach Tomlin. I see no reason why Sullivan isn't out new starting Nickel CB. He is highly explosive, 40" vertical, but mediocre 4.60 in the 40 yard dash. 

This guy is highly competitive and will install confidence when we have to play 5th or 6th DB.

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Meh. Seems like a guy brought in to push Maulet, who I would also best describe as Meh. 

Stats do not tell a whole story for coverage, but he had passes completed around him at about a 70% clip and his last three years had passer ratings of 95.8, 92.9, and 102.7. 

Slot corner is still a weak link.

Again, stats don't mean everything for coverage but we have now taken two players from the team last year that ranked:

- 31st in passing yardage
- 29th in completions against
- 24th in completion percentage
- 26th in Defensive Pas DVOA

I like Patty Pete, but this signing does nothing for me. Hope they go shopping in camp. 

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7 hours ago, armsteeld said:

Kazee was trash as a Cowboy. Fitzpatrick was hot garbage with the Dolphins. I don't know how Sullivan was used in Minnesota but the Steelers will use him properly and to his strengths.


So three teams used him incorrectly , but this time will be different? 

Listen, I hope you’re right, but this guys best year in coverage was as a part time player in his first year in Green Bay. The more he played, the more he was targeted, and the more success offenses had against him. There’s a reason why this guy is on his third team in three years. I don’t think he solves our nickel issue. 

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