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The Specific Plays/Coaching Decisions which Defined the C’s Season


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1. Ron not going for 2 after game tying drive by Howell on a TD pass to Dotson as time expired.

2. Fields & DJ Moore abusing Washington’s secondary in the 1st half of their Thursday Night prime time game at home in-front of excited home fans after almost beating the undefeated Eagles the Sunday before. 

3. 1st Giants loss in NY against Tyrod Taylor and how poorly the OL handled the Giants exotic blitzing scheme.

4. Rivera plays for the tie again vs Seattle & Smith/Metcalf abuse Juice & our D to win the game at the end.

5. Week 11 vs the Giants and Tommy Devito their 3rd string QB. Again the Giants D confused our blocking scheme in the 2nd half. We also had 6 turnovers which is the reason we lost.

”With just 29 seconds left and Washington still 52 yards away from the end zone, Howell dropped back for his final pass. The Giants' two defensive ends, as they had done all game, managed to create pressure from the outside.

Do you remember the Geno Smith throw to D.K. Metcalf that set up Seattle’s winning field goal?

On that play, Washington got zero push from its interior linemen and the signal-caller stepped into a clean pocket. During this play, Dexter Lawrence bulled past left guard Chirs Paul, leaving Howell nowhere to step.

He (Howell) had no choice but to fling the ball out of bounds. It was only a second down, so Howell had two more plays for a miracle.”

Howell tried to get the ball to Logan Thomas in the right flat. With nowhere to step, the pass ended up being a floater. The Giants' hyper-athletic Isaiah Simmons stepped in front of the tight end and secured a very easy pick-six. It was the Commanders' sixth turnover of the game.
The Commanders fell to 4-9 and had arguably the toughest part of the schedule yet to play. The team didn’t put up much of a fight against the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins, losing by a combined score of 90-25.”
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