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Mock Draft Forum Rules: Tips/Tricks/Etc.

The Gnat

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Frequently Asked Questions 
How do I post my NFL mock draft? 
First you'll need to register a username. Its free and easy. Just click here, agree to the rules, and fill out the form. After confirming your registration via e-mail, just return to the NFL Mock Draft forum and press the 'New Topic' button. 

Can I post a mock draft for just my team or only the top ten picks? 
Please only post complete mock drafts (at least one round) in the mock draft forum and use the team forums to post team specific mocks. Some additional mock draft forum rules can be found here. 

Some guy just posted a ridiculous mock draft, can I yell at him and call him names? 
um... no. One of the main values of the FF community is we treat each other with respect. No matter how much you disagree with someone else's mock, there is no need for insults, name calling, or any other disrespectful behavior. You are free to debate and discuss mock drafts, however please remain civil and respectful toward other members.


4. Please list the team, position and first and last name of the prospect when coming up with each pick.

5. Consider team needs with the picks because it would be a good way to figure out if those teams will be realistically making the picks

6. Posting what you think they should do or what you think they will do are two different things.

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