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Peter King on Dave Gettleman and other points

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Very interesting Giants stuff in this weeks MMQB. I quoted the papers that interested me the most 



Oh. And Gettleman has to decide on the future of Eli Manning, who turns 37 Wednesday and has not played well, collectively, since the Giants won their last Super Bowl six years ago. (Among the 17 quarterbacks with at least 70 starts in the past six years, Manning has thrown the most interceptions, 98, and is second-worst in passer rating, 85.3, and yards-per-pass-attempt, 6.95.) “I’m going to watch every game this year in chronological order,” Gettleman said on Saturday afternoon. “I’ve got to lean on the evaluation from the tape.” Some inferred from his pro-Eli opening press conference that Manning will continue to be the Giants’ starter in 2018. That’s not necessarily so.


I got absolutely crucified for signing Michael Oher in Carolina, but I can tell you we wouldn’t have made the Super Bowl that year without him. I got killed for two months when I cut Steve Smith. But I’m okay with that. It’s the job.” 


The Giants just finished one of the worst seasons (3-13) in their 93-year history. They’ve become a team of mercenaries, with very little Giants’ tradition or veteran pride. It used to mean something to be a Giant. But with the exception of Eli Manning and maybe Jason Pierre-Paul, there are no career Giants leaders to indoctrinate the new players. Of the 45 players drafted by the Giants from 2008 to 2013—players who would be the veteran core of the team today—only two are left: Pierre-Paul and guard Justin Pugh, and Pugh could leave in free agency after the season.


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