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The Offseason Thread

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I don't necessarily disagree with any of your points... I'd be perfectly fine locking Lewan down for a long time... I've just said and repeated all offseason there's a chance we may not, and why we'd be ok if we didn't, as unpopular as that move would be.

You mentioned those 3 teams, and it's funny cuz I fail to see the the elite LT commanding a 100M contract.  The Eagles have an outstanding line, and they did it without Peters most of the season. The Vikings signed Reiff to a decent contract,  but he had must recently played RT for the Lions. And Cam with the Jags, while not a scrub, is hardly the world beater who'll command such a contract.

I understand teams are built differently and there's no one right way ro build a team, but those are hardly examples of why wr should give Lewan 100M+. In fact, arguably the top 3 LTs missed the playoffs last year (Smith, William's, and Bahktiari)... and the best LT of this generation,  Joe Thomas, experienced about as many wins as he has cars. 

2 of the 3 teams you mentioned are also examples of players flipping from left to right or vice versa. Reiff lee mentioned before blocking from LT to RT his last season in Detroit... then went back to LT last season. The Eagles plan to move Johnson to LT next season. And of course, Dallas also move Smith to LT after starting him at RT. No one would be seeking Conklin to make the switch overnight... it'DC be an offseason adjustment... same as the examples above. 

I hope he is in our plans longterm... even more so if he's willing to take a smaller contract than i'm envisioning. But I won't be crushed if we were to let him play out this year and tag and flip him for draft picks next year. I'd hate to do that to what seems like a key piece of our young nucleus... but I also wouldn't be tore up to avoid that type of cap allocation for a non qb just yet. 

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