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11/1/15 Browns vs. Cardinals Pettine's 3rd downs

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k5KWi3P.png (Going with AutoCad on the diagrams, let me know if you guys would prefer I go back to paint.

3rd and 1:

Cardinals line up in a tight-bunch-left set with 2 TEs and Larry Fitzgerald as the slot receiver between them. The Packers run this a few times a game with Randall Cobb.

Pettine's Browns answer with a B0B 3-4 base look. The two hand-down defensive ends playing in the B gap and the NT playing head up on the center (a zero technique) thus the B0B distinction.

From a coaching perspective, Pettine did everything right here. He had guys in gaps and ready to play. The Cardinals just blew his DE off the ball with a pure double team. His NT came down and filled appropriately but got caught in the wash and the TE marked his ILB. 3rd and 1 is a tough down as a defense and it's especially tough when your DL are getting out manned at the point of attack.




3rd and 7

Cardinals line up in the 10 personnel. Trips Left, split right. 

The Browns answer by going into the dime in their coverage package. 

They bring 4 with their 2 pressure DTs and their Will (This needs a new name, the Will is playing on the strong side like all of the snaps agaisnt Arizona.) and Rush Backers. You get a stunt on the weakside and they rush it straight on the strong side. You get some pressure from the right side. 

In coverage, they're playing to take away the middle of the field. The Mike Backer has a RB spy role, and he's going to drop to the middle of the field on the second level waiting if/until the RB leaks out of the backfield. The Strong Safety (again playing on the weakside of the field) is going to step forward into the middle of the field at the third level. The Free Safety is going to step back and towards the middle of the field, taking away the middle of the 4th level. They do not want to get beat in the middle of the field. 

Unfortunately, the Cardinals don't run any routes to the middle of the field. The trips to the left runs a levels concept with both slot guys running outs at varying depths. The boundary guy goes straight vertical and beats Tramon Williams who does a pretty poor job at the line of scrimmage. This isn't a good look for Tramon. You need to get off the field on 3rd and 7.




3rd and 2

Cardinals line up in a little different bunch set here, but still trying to cause spacing problems with the alignment which they do here.

The Browns match personnel here, going to a 4-3 Under look. 

There's really not a ton to this play. The Tight End who ends up catching this ball goes right to the middle of the field a step past the sticks, shoves the ILB out of his way and catches the ball. That needs to be an OPI if teams are going to be doing it that blatantly. From a coaching perspective, there's not much you can do on 3rd and 2 in this spot. 



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Big thanks for this. I like to try to use this time of the year to brush up on Xs an Os stuff and this kind of stuff helps a lot with that. 

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