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2018 Draft RB Thread

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On 19/02/2018 at 2:54 PM, Danger said:

To be fair, Jacksonville's O-Line leaves much to be desired, but his YPC is very much inflated by a few homeruns.

In weeks 5 and 6 he had a run of 90 yards, and another of 75. Rule of thumb to find the true YPC average is to remove the homeruns and equally as many of his most negative plays. Get rid of those and spot him something like 10 yards back for big losses and his YPC is more close to 3.3. That said he is a Rookie and yes the Offensive Line. It'll be interesting to see how he progresses. 


This seems counter intuitive to me. Ruling out the big plays and home runs I can understand from a certain perspective to try and achieve a more 'typical' average but a lot of the downsides of prospects that were being brought up and noted throughout the previous 30 odd pages has been that "player XYZ doesn't have homerun potential or breakaway speed" etc. etc. So basically, this kind of statistic favours the 3 to 4 yard plodder, or FB even and discounts the 'homerun threat'. Yet everyone is scouting and looking for a homerun threat RB O.o


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