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Preseason Game#1 Thread: Houston Texans vs Kansas City Chiefs


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2 hours ago, Apollo Stallion said:

My #1 takeaway from this game, however, is that I don't know how Chiefs fans are going to survive the torrent of Kermit The Frog memes that are going to start flooding in as soon as Patrick Mahomes starts doing national press as their starting QB.   I do not predict a "Rainbow Connection" from what I saw tonight where Chase Litton (one of my UDFA favs) was their most competent QB.

I wish I could get the interview with him from tonight's game as I was in the other room and literally thought they were doing a bit for some new Muppet movie until I came around the corner and saw it was Mahomes. Sure, we had bigger problems to worry about the past few years at Baylor, but how did I miss the opportunity to harass my Tech friends about this guy?



Hahaha that is completely Kermit!!!

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