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The backup QB debate: Manuel vs Cook


QB #2 Debate: Manuel vs Cook  

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  1. 1. Who will be our #2 QB this year?

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3 hours ago, Silver&Black88 said:

I think LeSean McCoy said it best.  His talent level is not good enough to compensate for the extra media attention he'll garner.  Whether garnering that attention is right or not is a different debate probably not meant for FF.  Its sort of like Tebow in a way.  Then again Tebow was even worse of a player.

I get the correlation you're making with Kap and Tebow as far as media attention, but as far as players - there is no comparison. Kap is far and away a better, more accomplished player and he's coming off of a respectable year considering the team he played with. His talent level is definitely good enough to be employed. 

I think the media attention thing is overblown, too. The media will probably bombard whatever team he signs with for like a week or two, then move on especially since Kap won't be kneeing anymore or playing. Teams are just scared and want to make an example out of him. Like you said, we probably can't get into the real discussion why without breaking FF rules.

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