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Tearing It Down to Rebuild

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On 10/10/2018 at 9:26 PM, Gannon12 said:

The best thing you guys could have done is getting rid of Tom Cable. Unfortunately he is on my team. I see that you guys have made some efforts. It just seems Wilson has to run for his life 80% of the time. Hope you guys can pull it together on OL and give Wilson time because he is pure elite when he has a chance to make a play. I love Wilson and Pete Carroll and gives me something else to watch because my team is garbage. 

Wilson is starting to play better as the season goes on, but he was mediocre vs the Broncos at times and he was bad vs the Bears.  Can't put all of that on the offensive line.  Wilson holds on to the ball too long on some occasions and he even runs into sacks on occasion.

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