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Additional guidelines for posting in the NFL news forum

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Welcome to the NFL News forum.  Contact your forum mods @TheKillerNacho and @The LBC for any questions you may have.

The NFL news forum is different than other forums.  A long time ago we created the NFL news forum to give members one place for in-depth NFL news discussion.  It's not a place for jokes and memes.  It's not a place for off-topic comments.   In addition to the regular forum rules, the following guidelines must be followed when posting in the NFL news forum.

Guidelines for starting a new topic: 

  • Create a subject title that accurately describes the topic. Titles like ‘Wow, big trade’ or ‘He got cut’ won’t help anyone and will lead to duplicates. 
  •  Always post a link to your source. 
  • Only post rumors where you can link to a reputable source. Don’t post rumors you heard on the radio or from your friend or that you made up. 

Guidelines for submitting a reply: 

  • Only reply if you have something meaningful to add. One or two word posts, such as ‘Cool’ or ‘Bad trade’, don’t add anything to the news topics.  Don't post jokes and memes.
  • Keep replies on topic. Reply with your opinion on how the news affects the player or team. Don’t reply with your general opinion on said player or team. For example, if the Cowboys make a trade, a quality response would be ‘this is a bad trade for the Cowboys because….’ A poor reply would be ‘I hate the Cowboys’.
  • Focus on football.  If a player is arrested, the discussion should be about a possible suspension and how the team will handle it.  Members should not discuss crime and punishment, their own legal problems, politics or anything else off-topic.
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