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Leisher's 2019 you make the pick mock.

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Quick recap...

High level...this kid is a blitzer.  If you want these types of plays as a Packer, he needs to be in a scheme that allows him to blitz early and often.  And...GB does blitz more as evidenced by the Martinez sacks this past year.

:44.  Probably a penalty in the NFL.  Hitting a QB high.

1:00  Free blitz

1:25 Unblocked

2:00 Probably a penalty in the NFL.  Hitting a QB high.

2:50  Great play

3:04  Playing a little "tall".

3:13  Playing a little "tall"

3:35  Just a great...and very fast...drop into coverage.  Great jump.

4:10  Textbook ILB play.

I have a tough time really evaluating a kid on YouTube highlights.  All splash plays.  I don't see him get blocked too often and that won't happen in the NFL.

He has amazing speed and acceleration.  He was allowed to blitz a lot.

Worthy of #12?  I'm not sure.  Scheme needs to be a fit.  

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Shanedorf posted this....  If you want the best out of White...either re-sign Wilkerson and hope he regains his form, or use a high pick on another DL to keep White clean and able to do his blitz thing.  Asking him to read/react is not going to get you what you want out of him.

After watching some White and Wilson film, I'm more impressed with Mack's all around game.  He can blitz similar to White.  But he's better in the run game.  Better at dropping (because i saw him do it more on the highlights).  What White has that he doesn't is amazing speed and he packs a bigger whallup at impact.

From PackersNews:

"The Packers tied for eighth in the NFL with 44 sacks, and a big reason was their defensive line. Led by Clark’s six, the Packers' defensive line accounted for 12.5 sacks in 2018. Inside linebacker Blake Martinez had five sacks, and he said a contributing factor was the attention opponents paid to the defensive line. That might not seem like much on its own (it ranks about middle of the pack in the league), but given the injuries that hit the position, there’s good reason to think that production will increase in 2019. For a team lacking in edge rush, it helps to start from a basis of quality interior pressure "


Of course its all intertwined and as we try to tease out the relative positional values, its worth remembering that these positions don't operate in isolation.
Having a top DL helps the LBs immensely - both in terms of keeping them clean and in terms of creating the pincer effect required for a killer pass rush. If you only have speed demons bending the edge, the OTs will just push them wide. Need that consistent push up the middle too

So it would appear that GB needs (1) speed demon + (1) stouter edge-setter, plus another interior DL to make this pass rush impactful game in and game out
Most here have the Packers cutting Perry - and for good reasons. But the Packers are also blessed in having one of the best ankle specialists on the planet working across the street from Lambeau Field. IF the 2018 ankle injury is the key decider, then the Packers have the capability to find out.
IF his entire body is just too broken down, then its time to move on and that helps focus the offseason needs.

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