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Draft Grades

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The Pats traded up for a punter in the fifth round and they're getting much better grades than we are. 😂

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On 4/28/2019 at 1:02 AM, bucsfan333 said:

1. Devin White || LB || LSU

Grade: B

We filled the biggest hole in our front seven with the best LB available. And he was worth a top five pick, despite some outrage from fans. 

White fits exactly what we wanna do on defense. And he starts the culture change of accountability BA wants for this team.

The question is positional value. And I think that's fair.


2. Sean Bunting || CB || CMU

Grade: B+

He was regarded as the best press man CB in this draft. He's got the length, ridiculous athleticism, and toughness to thrive in this defense. Bowles wants physical CBs who can be left alone in coverage and Bunting has the potential to be that guy.

His biggest knock right now is that he's grabby at the LOS. But that's something that can be easily fixed.


3. Jamel Dean || CB || Auburn

Grade: C

Similar to Bunting, Dean has everything we want in a CB for this defense. Dude's athletic af and fast. He's physical. He's got good size.

Injuries and his lack of creating turnovers are enough to give me pause. But if he can stay healthy and live up to his potential, he'll be a good pick.


3. Mike Edwards || S || UK

Grade: A-

Oof. Aside from lacking elite movement and speed, Edwards has it all. He's got amazing ball skills. He's a force against the run. He's pretty good in coverage. He never missed a game due to injury.

He has a chance to be our best pick and become a legit steal with a late third round comp pick. Justin Evans has been put on notice.


4. Anthony Nelson || EDGE || Iowa

Grade: C

He's a large man who moves really well for his size. He utilizes his strength and can move guys. He's got surprisingly good hands for a rookie. And he's 100% effort every play.

But he doesn't have the best first step. And that could be an issue. His size limits his quickness as a rusher as it is. Being slower off the ball compounds that.


5. Matt Gay || K || Utah

Grade: C

I know there was an uproar at the idea of Licht drafting another kicker. Aguayo was the first thing to come to everyone's minds. But this is the fifth round; where four kickers were drafted.

Gay can kick it out of the stadium. And he's got the accuracy beyond 40 that Aguayo was incapable of. He can be Janikowski good.

But kicker. And ******* curses.


6. Scotty Miller || WR || Bowling Green

Grade: C

Scotty is stupid fast. And he dominated the competition. Every week. Which is what you look for in small school prospects. He's got experience returning kicks which helps give him a chance to actually make the team.

But his size limits him. He's 5'9" 175lbs. And probably plays smaller than that.


7. Terry Beckner Jr. || DT || Mizzou

Grade: D

He was once the number two recruit in the country. He's got great size and strength. And he knows how to use that to move guys and get after the QB.

But he's slow off the ball. In fact, he doesn't really move that well at all. That's probably gonna be a problem in the NFL. And that's before we consider he's torn ligaments in both knees.



Overall grade: B-

I don't hate any of the picks. I think we've finally drafted players that perfectly fit exactly what we wanna do. Which we haven't done in YEARS. And I think everyone (aside from Nelson and Beckner) have high ceilings.

This class is nothing anyone expected. But I think it makes sense if you think about it. Bowles got the flexibility in the secondary to do whatever he wants in the front seven. BA got his beloved speedster. And we added the best kicker in the draft to potentially fix the most consistently worst thing about our team since Matt Bryant left in 2009. 

My biggest question is the oline. But I think we either guessed wrong on value or were just too late. Or missed on guys who were overdrafted. *cough* Tytus Howard in the first *cough*

Or maybe we're all in on Cappa and are completely fine with Dot for one more year.

I'd give us an overall grade of C

I think we dropped a third of a grade bc we didnt address the o-line and I think I would grade them at C+ bc the Devin White pick is more of a B- and Beckner Jr. is more of a D- with our team needs (needed o-line at that point not d-line)

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