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Biggs on NFL Network Radio Discussing Rookie Camp

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Brad Biggs was on with Bob Papa and Charlie Weis this morning. Weis led the interview. There were some interesting takeaways.

On David Montgomery:

Biggs said he was impressive and looks like an ideal scheme fit. He said if Montgomery can handle pass pro that he should get significant playing time. He said he looked good running and catching and was in great physical condition. He was also impressed with his attitude.

On Kerrith Whyte:

Weis let Biggs know he believes Whyte is going to be a steal for the Bears. He said he's biased because Whyte played for his kid at FAU. Charlie Weis Jr. is their OC.
Weis said Whyte will stack up with anyone in the NFL from a pure speed standpoint. Biggs said Whyte caught a long pass and turned on the jets and just blew by everyone. He said you can see the timed speed on the field. Weiss said "that is just who this kid is... he runs by people."
Anyway, Weiss really likes this kid and thinks he'll carve out a niche in the offense.

On Riley Ridley:

Biggs said the QB play was atrocious over the weekend so it was tough to evaluate the receivers but sees Ridley as a high floor player that the Bears really like.

On Duke Shelley:

He said Shelley displayed excellent lateral quickness. He also said he's the smallest guy on the team so he might not project well to special teams. He's trending as the backup nickel that will have to be able to play special teams to be active on Sundays.

On Stephen Denmark:

Biggs said he's never seen a CB on the Bears with the size and wingspan of Denmark. He said he can press but has no idea if he can play off coverage. He said there is no doubt he can really run too. He could be a core special teams guy to start. 

Biggs was asked other than kicker what areas of the team that will need improvement or are question marks.  

- He needs to make another jump in his development.

Clinton-Dix - What player are you getting? He said Pace has been better drafting the position than signing veteran help. He also said there are some people he's spoken with that think Clinton-Dix is a major upgrade.

The TEs - He said Burton was good but not great last year and they need even more out of him. He said Shaheen is a big question mark coming into year three and Braunecker is looking for a chance to prove he's more than a core special teams player. He did not mention Raymond.
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From Whyte's vids you could see his game speed and he has very quick acceleration.  He's another kid who if he can find some daylight he just blows past people so much different than Montgomery in that respect.

I believe Nagy will find more use for him as a receiver than as a runner.  Like Cohen he's another guy he could eventually line up all over and force a defense to account for him. Our speed on offense is on the rise.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks for the info @playthrough2001.

I have a friend who's around the FAU program. When the Bears drafted Whyte he told me that he's never seen someone faster with the ball in their hands *in his life*

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