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OT: XFL signs deals with ABC/ESPN & FOX/FS1 to televise games

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12 hours ago, UtahUtesFan said:

Only thing I dislike about the XFL is the 3PT conversion & starting a week after the Super Bowl has been proven to not work for a lot of teams.

I think it makes some sense. While football is still on the mind, you can lure some customers into the product and then it ramps up from there. If you let football season fall completely from the mind, now you have to convince an audience to care about a sport that they’ve already conceptually buried for the rest of the year.

I bet they’re banking on the idea that if your team has gotten eliminated from contention, you may want some other football product to get your mind off of that sorrow. And once they get you, unlike the leagues before they’ll look to excite you into sticking around.

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For the sake of sports I enjoy walking on TV I hope this is incredibly successful, after March Madness things get pretty bleak for me.

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