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Packers cut ties with 2016 2nd Round OT Jason Spriggs

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Maybe Denver should look at him as a backup. Munchak could get him going in the right direction.

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1 hour ago, turtle28 said:

Did you have Ereck Flowers rated high too?

Yes.....YES! Humiliated to say that, at the time, I had seriously bought into the Jerry Reese Measurables Kool-Aid, his infamous scout-by-numbers method which prioritized height-weight-arm length numbers, and Combine results, over such trivalities as "game tapes", and whether or not a prospect could actually play the game of football. Reese had scored heavily (or perhaps lucked into) on his drafting of Jason Pierre-Paul (the ten-fingered version), and henceforth rated draft picks by their numbers. Thus, Flowers. I had hoped that the Giants might draft the mighty and old-school tackle/guard Brandon Scherff that year; after the villainous Redskins scooped him up with an earlier first-round pick, I, and other Giants' fans, had to accept the consolation prize of the mammoth Flowers, who did after all have great size, admirable long arms, and an impressive bench-press score. Warnings of his clumsy footwork and awkward hand placement fell, as they say, on deaf ears. I spent the next couple of seasons waiting for Ereck Flowers to become the Second Coming of Orlando Pace; as is well-known, he instead was revealed as a bust of Trent Proportions.

I did not, however, buy a wall-poster of Ereck Flowers; I have at least minimal standards for my Man-Crush embarrassments.



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