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NFL week 7 picks


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TNF: Chiefs @ Broncos

I'm going to be bold once again and pick the Broncos to pull off the upset at home. They've been playing better, home teams do really well on TNF, Denver in general is a tough place to play and Von Miller vs the Chiefs O-line and an immobile Mahomes could be ugly.

Prediction: Broncos: 20, Chiefs: 17


Cardinals @ Giants

Bad match up in the sense that neither team is very good, good match up in the sense that these are two of the more promising rookie QB's so far. Don't really lean strongly with one team or the other, so I'll just pick the home team.

Prediction: Giants: 23, Cardinals: 20


Texans @ Colts:

Give me the team at home who I think will be able to control the LOS on both sides of the ball a bit better.

Prediction: Colts: 27, Texans: 20


Dolphins @ Bills:

If somebody can tell me, when's the last time the Bills have ever been a 17 point favorite? The early 90's maybe? If I was betting the spread I'm not sure I'd trust the Bills offense enough to cover a spread this big, but I certainly think they beat the crap out of Miami.

Prediction: Bills: 20, Dolphins: 3


Vikings @ Lions:

I think the Lions come out angry and determined to win after last week's screw job.

Prediction: Lions: 24, Vikings: 17


Raiders @ Packers

Raiders have looked surprisingly competent so far but I don't think it will last. Gonna go with the better team at home.

Prediction: Packers: 27, Raiders: 17


Jaguars @ Bengals

Jaguars are meh and the Bengals are awful.

Prediction: Jaguars: 19, Bengals: 13


Rams @ Falcons:

I wonder if Ramsey will be ready to play this week, it would certainly help at dealing with Julio. Falcons are bad and even though the Rams are struggling I don't think they drop this game.

Prediction: Rams: 24, Falcons: 14


49ers @ Redskins:

Redskins are bad and the 49ers are good.

Prediction: 49ers: 28, Redskins: 7


Chargers @ Titans:

Screw this team. I won't pick them again until they show me competence.

Prediction: Titans: 21, Chargers: 14


Ravens @ Seahawks

Both teams are good, I think the Seahawks are slightly better. Plus they are in Seattle.

Prediction: Seahawks: 30, Ravens: 26


Saints @ Bears:

Even though there is no Brees I get the feeling New Orleans still wins.

Prediction: Saints: 21, Bears: 17


SNF: Eagles @ Cowboys:

Both teams are disappointing so far. I think Philly is slightly better right now.

Prediction: Eagles: 20, Cowboys: 19


MNF: Patriots @ Jets:

I sorta expect the Jets to treat this like their Super Bowl and with Darnold back I expect it to be a competitive game. That being said, the Pats will win.

Prediction: Patriots: 21, Jets: 16





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