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Here we go again

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On 12/10/2019 at 2:31 PM, ChazStandard said:

So glad we avoided all that AB drama.

Seriously, bring him back. Let’s just go full heel at this point, everyone hates us anyway.

Nah, you guys are just an easy target because you have been beating up on everybody for so long.  I'm a fan of an NFC team, so I don't get emotional about you guys at all, except when we have to play you.  I actually respect the heck out of the dynasty your team has maintained for so long in an era where the league is trying so hard for parity.  What you have done is just remarkable, IMHO. 

Good luck in the playoffs.  I hope the Vikings get to play you.  ;)


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Thanks @Uncle Buck. As usual Vikings fans show their kindness to us. Must be something in the crisp air up there :) I'll be rooting for MIN too.

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