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Baylor hires LSU DC Dave Aranda as head coach

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10 hours ago, tom cody said:

LSU had a great year. No surprise to see some of their coaching staff get hired to other teams. 

The surprise is that Aranda made it this long at LSU. He was expected to move fast and be gone within 2 years but he made it 4 and helped us win a Natty. Thank god he stuck around long enough to move on from Les and have O actually be smart enough to hire someone to modernize our offense. Gets to enjoy his nice shiny ring and got to wait out for a job he deemed good enough.

He can win at Baylor. 

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Daves rankings while at LSU.

Total Defense/ Pass defense/ rush defense
2016 -5th 14th 10th
2017-12th 21st 24th
2018 -30th 44th 38th
2019 -32nd 57th 24th

Outside the recruiting aspect. This isnt a loss for LSU. His best year had guys that spent a 2-3 years under a different DC. Then a drastic drop after players became basically all his that 3rd year.

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