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Rams sign Leonard Floyd - 1 yr 10 mil

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On 3/20/2020 at 6:17 AM, StLunatic88 said:

This is exactly why I wouldnt count him out of being an Inside LB for us, especially matching up perfectly with the traits needed in our new scheme.

There are some intriguing Pass Rushers that should be available in the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the draft, plus we can actually see what we have in the youngsters on the roster 

Yeah, I mean, ultimately, until we see it on the field we have no idea exactly how similar Staley's scheme is going to be to Fangio's.  I just feel comfortable right now in saying that it will be a lot closer to Fangio's than Wade's Phillips-Burrough's 3-4 (that he adapted over the years into more of a 4-3 Under with the same gap-concepts).  Floyd would be a very mediocre fit in Wade's scheme being tasked with the same principle duties that Fowler and Clay were, absolutely.  So, I can see for the folks outside the forum who haven't been paying attention that we have a new DC running a different scheme where they'd see him as a bad fit.  Truth is, we don't know how good of a fit he'll be, but there's more reason to believe he'll be an adequate-to-at-least-good fit than there is the assume he'll be a bad fit as a Phillips-Burrough's OLB, because we know he won't be tasked with being the later.



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