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WR Rankings for Bears


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3 hours ago, Sugashane said:

My brother has been saying prayers that we get Pittman and trade up with a player to get Mims too. lol

I mean, I'm not sure we can truly afford to ignore the OT position when we're in position to get one now.... BUT..


Mims @43 (or a minor trade up),  Claypool @50 (or minor trade down), then punt a pick next year (2nd or 3rd depending on how late you think you can move up) and get Gibson @ ~mid 3rd.

All 3 of them are blazing fast, with good height, give us depth at WR, TE, and RB, and they're all position versatile enough to take reps outside as as WRs...... The "win now" offensive draft gets all 3, then comes back ~round 4 for a guy like Onwenu-RG to plug that spot on the line. I'd add that having 4x "big WRs" with Graham, Mims, Robinson, Claypool on the field would give us a positively lethal WR screen game to run with Cohen/Patterson/Gibson..... And that's all without really accounting for Anthony Miller, who frequently gets open and is a solid blocker in his own right....just is harder to truly quantify with his shoulder concerns.

I'd add, it would also represent the most hilariously stacked offensive skill position grouping the Bears have ever had, and likely in the entire league as a whole. If Foles or Biscuit still can't get it together under such circumstances, then by all means get rid of both, and start working on replacements while looking to avoid excessive contracts on guys like Cohen (which Gisbon would be a pretty direct challenge to Cohen's role on the offense right now)

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