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Out of the Park Baseball 18


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Out of the Park is the best game of its kind. I had a franchise on OOTP17 that took the Cubs from 2016 through 2060 or something insane. I had a fun one going where I expanded the league to Las Vegas and Montreal  in 2018 (I took over the Expos) until I had to switch computers and lost the data, and now I have an A's one going into 2021. I've only made the playoffs once, but it's fun taking over a team with a tiny budget.

You can 100% build through the draft if you want. Invest in scouting and development and hire great coaches. It takes time but it's possible. Most of my players end up being home grown - I usually just supplement my team (I'll add a corner outfielder or a starter or a couple of bullpen arms) with free agency and develop the rest through the minors. 

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