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Anyone do IDP Leagues?


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This will be my first year in a IDP league. Seems pretty straight up with the scoring .5/tackle, 3 pts/sack, 3 pts/int etc. I guess my question is where do you start to value these guys in the draft? Are they like kickers/Def where you wait til the latter rounds or do they have more value than that? Start. 1 DL, 2LB and 2DB by the way.  Also your DB can get return yards to if they play on kickoff/punt team

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I play in a IDP and i always wait. i have found that a lot of top guys by ends year were not drafted. They are usually the last guys i pick, maybe one before one bench spot and also before kicker of course. Also do not, i repeat, do not get caught up in projections when looking at picking up a guy in fa/streaming. They constantly project guys getting like 6+ points when they havent gotten over 2 in a week all season. When you are streaming or picking up guys, look at points or ppg and match ups.

Also worth noting, my IDP league is just 4 IDP's. no position requirements. LB's are the best position so probably also the deepest

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