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Reminder: COVID-19 Threads

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Hello all,

I'm sure we're all in the same boat in regards to 2020. There is a lot of uncertainty from Covid-19. This bleeds over into everything in our lives - from our work, our school, our loved ones all the way down to our favorite sports and activities, such as football.

This TAST thread was created at the onset of the response to the virus - this is our designated thread where we can choose to discuss Covid-19 in a very specific and open manner. The site rules are in effect in this section, we're still under obligation to maintain a standard in there.

That brings us to here - NFL News. The news has been fast in regards to the current situations in Tennessee and New England. Things are changing rapidly in relation to the leagues' response - new standards are created and scheduling is being modified on the fly. It's OK to talking about that. This isn't the last time this will happen this NFL season.

It is NOT OK to talk about non-NFL related aspects of Covid-19. This is not the area of the forum to discuss. We have a designated area for discussion - please use it. This is the last recommendation that will be shared in this manner. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to @TheKillerNacho or myself via PM to discuss.

Thanks - we appreciate each and every one of you helping out in advance.

- ET

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I'm going to start sharing some additional comments/responses to address any sort of issues, to see if we can get consensus...

Here's something I wrote in the following thread:

11 hours ago, ET80 said:

No, that's actually conversation we WANT - discussion about football as it relates to the virus. Reschedules, forfeitures, punishments for violations, the NFLs response to the pandemic - all above board on this one.

What we DON'T want is fear mongering, conspiracy theories, political viewpoints and personal opinions on the current mandates. This isn't the place to discuss the usefulness of masks, the mortality rates across age groups, responses from our elected officials, etc. While the politics one is pretty much across every topic on the site - everything else CAN be discussed over in TAST, where we have a very in depth thread on Covid-19.

It's uncharted territory, so we're being mindful - nobody is going to get in trouble unless they blatantly disregard the rules and then refuse to listen to redirection from myself or @TheKillerNacho

Hope this clarifies it. I've received a few PMs and I am very open to dialogue on this. If you have a question - please, please ask. I'm here to clarify anything (as well as admit when I don't know something...)


- ET


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