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P Corey Bojorquez


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I'm a Packers fan, and one question seems to keep coming up, that I can't seem to get an answer to.

Why did the Bills let P Corey Bojorquez go? Tight cap space? Too much money? Found a better guy?

And maybe I seem to have some facts mistaken, but the 4th year should be cheap and his numbers look decent especially for a bad weather stadium. And Bills didn't want him and no one quickly signed him despite getting some all pro votes and then pushing an all pro punter with the Rams only to be traded to the Packers.


Also, I hope WR Kumerow does well for you guys! Packers fans first, underdog fan second, down with the Patriots! Lol 

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Issue is his inconsistency as one punt could be 60 yards and the next 5 yards. He seems to have cleaned it up a bit and is more consistent but his ability to pin it inside the 20 yard line is always an issue of his and if your expecting him to get the ball inside the 5 yard line everytime you will be disappointed. He can be a game changer by flipping the field with good punts. 

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