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Cash In/Cash Out: Alex Highsmith


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Don't think the QBs are worthy of early selections. The Kentucky guy seemed the most Roethlisberger like from some off-season tape work.

All this said. When there's generational type players you take them.

I want Watt and Will Anderson Jr. (Top Five)


Pittsburgh trades Alex Highsmith to Philly in exchange for the New Orleans Saints 1st Rd pick (16th overall).

Brandon Graham. Meh. Josh Sweat. Meh.

Somewhat of a trade back type scenario to get the upgrade at the OLB position. Then you can address other needs.

Highsmith is solid but I'm going to cash in because the cash flows aren't right for a championship 

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I don’t see any world that Highsmith gets us a early to mid 1st round pick, even after a big year. We might be in a position to take Anderson with our first pick and have a 3 headed pass rush of Watt, Anderson, and Highsmith. I don’t think we’ll end up with that bad of a record, though. I want us to take a good d-linemen in the first. I assume we’ll be picking in the mid teens. 

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