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NBA GMMD R1: Finneasgage vs Flatlyner



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    • Flatlyner

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PG - Tyrese Maxey | Malcolm Brogdon

SG - Anthony Edwards | CJ McCollum

SF - Franz Wagner | Kyle Kuzma

PF - Paolo Banchero | Aaron Gordon

C - Bam Adebayo | Wendell Carter Jr



PG - Jamaal Murray | Marcus Smart

SG - Dejounte Murray | Anfernee Simons

SF - Kevin Durant | Austin Reaves

PF - Zion Williamson | John Collins

C - Domantas Sabonis | DeAndre Ayton

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My starting 5 likely features the best offense in the tourney.  Every one of the starters can get a bucket when they please for the most part. 

Sabonis is 2nd to Jokic in all around big men IMO and nearly averages a triple double with 20/12/7.  He's had some monster games in the last week.  He's not known for his D, but that has started coming around the last few years.  With a PER of 23.8 and a WS of 1.9, he's easily one of the most valuable big men in the league.  His backup Ayton is exactly where he should be, a spark off the bench who a scorer and rebounder.

J.Murray proved to be one of the leagues best PG's last year on their run to the championship. 43% of 3P this year and increasing his assist's per game from last season.  On this team, he will be a distributor and let the other guys get the scoring for the most part.  He's more then capable in this function, which is proven by recent games of 13 and 14 assists.  He is also a proven clutch shooter.  Former defensive player of the year, Marcus Smart backs him up and is utilized when matched up against big time scoring guards

Dejounte Murray is another bucket.   Shooting nearly 40% for 3 this season and nearly 50% for all FG's, he'll get you a buck when you need it.  A well rounded player that averages nearly 5 assists and 5 rebounds to go along with his 21ppg.  His back up, Simons doesn't drop off  much at all in the scoring category.  An up and coming star who'd underrated because he plays for the Blazers.

I think Durant speaks for himself, 1st ballot HOF and one of the greatest scorers in the history of the NBA.  He hasn't dropped off either, this year he's 2nd in the league in PPG at 31.4 and shooting nearly 50% from 3!  He's nearing a career high in PPG.  Backing him up is one of the most versatile players in the NBA.   Reaves can play damn near every position out there besides the 5

Zion is one of the best young players in the NBA.  He's only downfall has been injuries.  He has been healthy for the most part this year and hopefully injuries are a thing of the past.  Perhaps the most athletic big man in league.   I feel like if he concentrated on his D, he could be dominate in that regard as well, as evidenced by his most recent games where he's blocking shots and getting steals.  He hasn't tapped into his full potential yet, but will be a monster if he does.  John Collins is a great back up for Zion, offering scoring, rebounding, and defense.  Extremely athletic as well.

I honestly feel like I have at least one of the top teams in this tourney, if not THE top and would love to see a RL matchup with this squad.



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