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The offensive line since Danny Watkins and Julian Vandervelde


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I think the most amazing thing about the Eagles has been the ability to build the offensive line through the draft.

If you go back to 2011, the OL draft looks like this:

*2023 Tyler Steen - currently on team (7 games)
*2022 Cam Jurgens - currently on team (23 games) s
*2021 Landon Dickerson - currently on team (42 games) s

2020 Prince Tega Wanogho - on another team (23 games, 1 with the Eagles, 22 with the Chiefs)
*2020 Jack Driscoll - currently on team (48 games)
2019 Andre Dillard - on another team (53 games, 43 with the Eagles, 10 with the Titans)
*- 2019 Fred Johnson - UDFA, (39 games, 11 with the Eagles, 23 with the Bengals, 5 with the Buccaneers)
*- 2019 Sua Opeta - UDFA (34 games)
*2018 Jordan Mailata - currently on team  (56 games) s

2018 Matt Pryor - on another team (70 games, 27 with the Eagles, 33 with the Colts, 10 with the 49'ers)
2016 Halapoulivaati Vaitai - on another team (86 games, 55 with the Eagles, 31  with the Lions)
2016 Isaac Seumalo - on another team (92 games, 78 with the Eagles, 11 with the Steelers)

*2013 Lane Johnson - currently on team (137 games) s
 -Jeff Stoutland arrives-
2012 Dennis Kelly - out of football (had an 11 year career, 131 games, 30 with the Eagles, 74 with the Titans, 10 with the Packers, 16 with the Colts, 1 with the Jets)
2012 Brandon Washington - out of football (1 NFL game, played in CFL, now a college coach)
*2011 Jason Kelce - currently on team (187 games) s
2011 Julian Vandervelde - out of football (18 games)
2011 Danny Watkins - out of football (24 games, 23 with the Eagles, 1 with the Dolphins)

If you look at the current roster seven of the nine offensive linemen were drafted by the Eagles including all of the starters.
One lineman was a UDFA originally signed by the Eagles.
Just one lineman came from another team, also a UDFA.
The current OL roster has played 573 games, 545 of which were for the Eagles.
That's over 95%.
Only the 28 games Fred Johnson played with the Bengals and Buccaneers were not for the Eagles.
Furthermore, only Jason Kelce played prior to Jeff Stoutland becoming the OL coach (18 games).

How is that for consistency?

In addition, former Eagle lineman draftees have played 219 games for other teams after contributing 258 games to the Eagles.
That's a total of 477 games.

I haven't checked every roster, however, I suspect every other team pales in comparison.
In fact, this has probably never happened to this degree.
I'll never question when the Eagles draft an offensive lineman.

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Stout is that good! Best in the business. 

I'm not sure how involved he is with the OL scouts, but I'm sure they have been given criteria from Stout as to what we are looking for in a Eagle OLineman. If they do not have these traits, these characteristics,  move on don't waste time.

I would be shocked if come combine/draft Stout is not given a list of ....🤷‍♂️ players to look at, study, breakdown and then that list is forwarded to Howie/FO/Sirianni for consideration. 

I will say though it is easier to incorporate and draft rookie players when for all intents and purpose 3 potential HOF players are starting at LT, OC, RT for over a decade.

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