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Styrian Raider's mock draft

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2 hours ago, ronjon1990 said:

I gotta disagree on Atlanta, at least slightly. I don't think they hand that contract out unless they think Cousins makes them contenders now. Insurance policy? I mean, I could see them rolling with Heinicke of Cousins were to go down, so I suppose it depends on how they and anyone else feels about Heinicke in a starting role with big expectations (and, frankly, he's done fine under those circumstances before so....). 

To be blunt, I do think Cousins' contract and Penix's age aren't a match to start with. You certainly don't give Kirk that deal and not expect at least 3 years as the starter, which renders a 24/25 year old rookie sorta pointless. 

But what about at 8? Say hell freezes over and one of  Daniels or McCarthy is there. Does Atlanta pull it and gonthe sit and learn route (which would probably be best for JJ if we're being totally honest). If so, that has the potential to upset the balance of who is actively in the running for Nix and Penix. 

The more I think about it, the more I say "If you think Penix or Nix are the guy and are there at 13, take it, and to hell with the board.". I would prefer a stud elsewhere and Penix in round 2 or a trade up, or, a trade down and stack picks while getting him a bit earlier but not as early.

But preference isnt something reality often cares about. It only takes 1 surprise QB selection to put us in a huge bind, both for this year and down the road as Telesco and Pierce still have expectations to meet and if we're in a top spot for a QB next year, something has to have gone wrong and someone will be feeling the heat if not gone. 

Yeah I mean. What would change for me on my "board" if we take Penix with at #13.

2nd round I would go for RT - Suamataia if he falls to our lap.

3rd round DT - Orhorhoro or Kris Jenkins maybe?


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2 hours ago, ronjon1990 said:

I just have a really hard time believing they're players in the QB market with Jones and then signing Lock (supposedly with a chance to start). 

That said, if they lull a fast one and convince someone to take Jones via trade dealings, all bets are obviously off. 

It’s is smoke screen season so who knows. I could see jj getting drafted to sit behind a established vet even nyj Lololol but they’d never do that…right?

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