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Pastor Dillon

Off Season Ideas

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We all know we have huge holes to fill this off season.

What are your ideas?

We know we don't have high draft picks to fill these needs with, so this seems like the perfect year to go all in on about 3 or 4 free agents.

Clowney and Watt are the biggest problem we have moving forward. We have to resign Clowney and we would never dump Watt, but he is going to be massively overpaid.

We could actually restructure Watts deal and save some cap space. We could cut him and save 11 million, I dont want to do that, and I dont see anyway we do that, but we could convert some of his remaining salary to a cash bonus and spread it out over the last 4 years of his deal. 


but regardless of that, we have a lot of cap space. In fact we have 57 million in space right now, and with no 1st or 2nd round picks, its almost all free to be spent. Looking ahead and Clowney and Mckinney are really the only guys who will need new deals next off season, which means we dont have to be so worried about saving cap. The year after will just be Will Fuller, who isnt looking like hes gonna get a very big deal.


57 million is enough to sign 3 guys to mega deals if we wanted, which I am sure we wont go that crazy, but we can get even more money.

Jackson can be cut and we save about 7 million......But i think a restructure makes sense for him, especially if we will finally move him to safety

Cushing is taking a huge pay cut or he is gone, freeing up another 7 million

Derrick Newton can free up another 3.5 million

So we can clear up another 13-17 million depending on Jackson, which puts us around 70 million in cap space

we do have some free agents, but honestly we could lose everyone of them and not be much worse off. But for sake of needing to field a roster that isnt full of undrafted free agents, I would like to bring back 4 guys:

Jonathan Jospeh

Chris Clark

Breno Giacomini

Shane Lechler

 All 4 would need to come back on cheap short term deals


Having Jackson, Johnson and Jospeh back in the secondary wouldn't be terrible if they are all cheap enough that we can add a #1 CB and a competent Safety


We have 4 major needs that we need to address in free agency

We need a LG, LT, S and CB

Here is my dream set up and I think we can afford it if we make up our mind to do it

CB: Trumaine Johnson

S: Lamarcus Joyner (why not rob the Rams blind?)

LG: Justin Pugh

LT: Nate Solder


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