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Orphan team looking for an owner


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Got a team open in a fantasy football league.  It is a salary cap/contract league that models after the NFL.  Salary cap changes along with the NFL cap.  Players can be under contact between 1-5 years.  10-Team league, IDP,  0.5 ppr.  League is run on Fleaflicker.  Entry fee is $50 per year.  ($25 of that will be for current year and $25 will be for 2019 retainer fee).

Let me know if you are interested or have further questions.  Things will likely open up for trading in mid June, possibly sooner if we get everyone and every thing finalized.  

League uses Slack for group discussion.

Here are the rules


Here are the rosters.  Team available is listed on the information as "Open".  The team has the 3rd pick in the rookie draft, 6 rounds, has all its own picks except 5th round.  


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