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Eli Manning on trial for fake memorabilia scam

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On 5/19/2018 at 6:36 PM, Broncofan said:

Seems like Eli is in the clear.   

Note that they didn’t address Brady or Zeke though....:ph34r:

League consistency is a joke. The player conduct policy explicitly says it covers issues of potential fraud - and this is an instance of potential fraud of NFL items - and yet it won't even investigate? Or it says it's not even covered under the PCP? As that story said, Elliot was never charged, prosecuted or sued, and yet his actions did fall under the PCP?  League investigations / non-investigations / explanations over Josh Brown and now this are horribly inconsistent and show that the league is either terribly incompetent or is protecting Mara and the Giants franchise. Either way it's pathetic.

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