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Where do the Redskins rank amongst top RB duos in NFL?

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1. Saints: Ingram, Kamara

2. Flacons: Freeman, Coleman

3: Giants: Barkley, Stewart

4. Bears: Howard, Cohen

5: Steelers: Bell, Connor

6: Cowboys: Elliot, Scarborough 

7. Chiefs: Hunt, Damian Williams, West

8: Rams: Gurley, John Kelly/Malcom Brown

9: Eagles: Adjayi, Sproles, Clement/Smallwood

10: Browns: Hyde, Chubb, Duke Johnson

11: Bills: McCoy, Chris Ivory 

12: Chargers: Gordon, Justin Jackson

13: Ravens: Collins, Buck Allen, Kenneth Dixon

14: Vikings: Cook, Murray

So there’s the top 14 RB situations that I definitely think better than the Redskins - only because Guice hasn’t proven himself.

Two questions:

1. Where do the Redskins Rank?

I’m thinking somewhere in the mid to late teens going into the season.

2. Where do you think they’ll rank after this season?

I’m thinking the Redskins with Guice/Thompson get into the top 10 after this season. I think Guice becomes a 1,000 TD rusher with 8 to 10 TDs and Thomson has 1000 total yards from scrimmage with 5 TDs of his own.

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If Derrius Guice instantly becomes what I expect and believe him to be (as a pro).. and if CT returns to be what many fans believe he is.. 


As I look at your fine as is rankings, I can't see putting them behind #10. Hyde is a decent starting RB, but Guice is flat out better and likely more durable. Chubb is meh to me. None of it happens without somewhat respectable OL play, and QB pre-snap liberties. 

Precision rankings always make me roll my eyes a bit, but looking at the list here, I'm comfortable putting the Washington duo in the top 10 range right now. 

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