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Week One Poll Discussions


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First we have the AP Poll.  Pretty interesting to see LSU jump so high, but we see near-upsets to clearly inferior teams from PSU and Michigan State and they barely drop in their rankings.  Also interesting to see only a slight drop for Washington.  Two more SEC teams were added- South Carolina and Florida- as FSU and Texas were dropped

  1.  Alabama (48 first-place votes) 
  2. Clemson (12) 
  3. Georgia 
  4. Ohio State 
  5. Wisconsin (1)
  6. Oklahoma 
  7. Auburn 
  8. Notre Dame 
  9. Washington 
  10. Stanford 
  11. LSU 
  12. Virginia Tech 
  13. Penn State 
  14. West Virginia 
  15. Michigan State 
  16. TCU 
  17. USC 
  18. Mississippi State 
  19. UCF 
  20. Boise State 
  21. Michigan 
  22. Miami 
  23. Oregon 
  24. South Carolina 
  25. Florida 

-Source: CBS Sports

And now for the Coaches Poll.  LSU makes another big leap, but Washington falls out of the top 10.  Florida enters while FSU exits.  I still think PSU and Michigan State are ranked too high.  

  1. Alabama (59)
  2. Clemson (3)
  3. Georgia
  4. Ohio State (1)
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Wisconsin
  7. Auburn
  8. Notre Dame
  9. Stanford
  10. Penn State
  11. Washington
  12. USC
  13. Michigan State
  14. Virginia Tech
  15. LSU
  16. TCU
  17. West Virginia
  18. Mississippi State
  19. Boise State
  20. UCF
  21. Miami
  22. MIchigan
  23. Oklahoma State
  24. South Carolina
  25. Florida 

Source- CBS Sports 


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