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Week 8: Seahawks @ Lions

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1 hour ago, Louis Friend said:

I think our needs are pretty apparent and mostly on defense. We lost time of possession because our defense couldn't get off the field. We need pass rushers, speed in our linebacking corp, and size/speed in our secondary. We've needed a number 2 corner for awhile. Tabor/Lawson are not it. Abdullah fumbling that return really shifted momentum and we never got it back.

I agree about Abdullah. Once he fumbled the Lions just didn’t seem to be able to get on track and couldn’t make a big play to shift momentum.

Tabor played poorly. He doesn’t seem to have caught up to the speed of the game and as a result he never seems to try and actually locate the ball. Hes always a step behind and trying to keep up.

A better pass rush certainly would’ve improved the situation. The secondary can’t cover forever. 

Full marks to “snacks.” He made a difference and once he gets used to his mates he will be even more effective.

This is one of those games that’s a punch in the gut. They’ve been playing good and you get excited for this game and think they have a good shot at the W.

Instead Seattle plays effectively and the Lions look mismatched.

I thought Seattle played a very good game and Wilson owned Tabor. 

All in all a very disappointing game for Lions fans.

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Whew! Like Lionized mention already... We'll take the New Orleans/LA bail-out!

Tough week against the Vikings, Seriously hope Ziggy Ansah plays, it's important he plays this game vs the Vikings. Gotta pull all the tricks and blitz we got this game to remain in the hunt for the season and give the fans cause for cheer!

I would mention the Bears as more of a threat but I think we play them twice in like 10 or 11 days or something crazy so, our situation with them will be decided or more clear when those games are over, be better if they'd lose some more games now I know but whatever. Tough to talk about them right now, Lions just need to remain in the mix and win the games up till those two roll around. 



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