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Week 9 Post-Game: Packers 17 Patriots 31

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2 hours ago, Outpost31 said:

Our defense needs to give up 30 points for us to get a Post Game thread.

You guys are slacking. I would have done it but I fell asleep the last 10 minutes of the game - taking care of a newborn baby and watching football at 1 AM aren't compatible activities like I previously thought.

In the past we used to close the GDT as soon as the game ended and moved all discussion to the post game thread. I liked that dynamic a lot and made it easier to find the discussion if you happened to miss the game. I guess 2015 wrecked the mods too, they need to pick up their game.

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On 11/5/2018 at 2:53 PM, Striker said:

Using the player voted top 100 of 2018 from the NFL Network (not a perfect test, but it's something):

-Patriots have 2: Brady and Gronk
-Saints have 6: Thomas, Brees, Lattimore, Ingram, Kamara, Jordan
-Jaguars have 6: Campbell, Ramsey, Bouye, Fournette, Smith, Ngakoue.
-Rams have 8: Gurley, Donald, Ramsey, Goff, Talib, Suh, Peters, Whitworth
-Steelers have 7: Brown, Bell, Roethlisberger, DeCastro, Shazier, Heyward.
-Packers have 5: Adams, Rodgers, Graham, Bakhtiari, Daniels.
-Vikings have 7: Griffen, Thielen, Smith, Rhodes, Diggs, Joseph, Cousins.

And then of those listed players, Ingram hasn't exactly been a factor for the Saints, Lattimore is not playing as well as last year, the Jaguars are a mess, Talib has been out and Peters has been abused by opposing QBs, Shazier never returned from injury, Bell is holding out (Conner has been great though), Big Ben is swingy, Graham has been hot/cold, Diggs has been injured, etc.

Having those Top 100 players is great, but the strength of a lot of these teams is coaching that uses those 'above-average to solid' starter level players well. 

Packers aren't doing that right now.

The Jags have 6 and that team is really struggling right now.  You can have great players but if they aren't playing well together then you have a problem.  We have some nice players but we are playing disjointed these days.

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On 11/7/2018 at 9:15 AM, Ragnarok said:

Rudolph is a much, much, much better blocker.

Graham has never been lauded because of his blocking prowess.  

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