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ESPN speculates Le'Veon Bell to Texans

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15 minutes ago, Texans02 said:

It was more of a sentiment than love for a particular CB. Looking through the availables, I don't see a lock for success. Some guys who are good when they aren't injured (but have been injured a lot), and some potentially talented guys that haven't put it all together on the field. We should try signing one to a deal that reflects the risk and address the position in the draft as well.

The OT market looks more solid.

Agreed that Ingram is a nice option at RB.

I find myself agreeing with this on several fronts - which is why I'd advocate spending top of market money on Trent Brown, Darryl Williams and/or JuWan James, and addressing CB with a one year "prove it" guy in FA and and using our 1st round pick on a guy like DeAndre Baker or Trayvon Mullen.

This way, you can man the T spots with experience and ability, and have a rotation of Jonathan Joseph/FA at the #2 and rookie getting the #1 spot. This also allows Aaron Colvin to move back to the slot, which would recoup the value on that deal. 

This plan would also allow you to check out Cody Ford or Chris Lindstrom at G and not hamstring you at T with those first three picks we have. Or any other falling asset at positions of need - interior pass rushers, WRs, etc.

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