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Jets' New Uniforms Leaked

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6 hours ago, Tugboat said:

Yeah.  There's absolutely a way to infuse a clean, classic sort of design with some crisp, more "modern" elements and there are plenty of good examples of it out there.  It's all in the harmony of detail though.

There is such a thing as going too spartan as well, but it's harder to really botch it by just keeping it overly simple.  It's the ones where they're wandering way out on a "super modern" limb, that tend to end up very ugly, slapped together, and/or amateurish like arena league uniforms.  The further they stray from the "classic" elements.  Yet they keep doing it...

I agree with you. I was thinking about it and it seems like the last few redesigns that I can remember are grouped in different models. Maybe different designers?

The Bills/Dolphins looked like they picked the 'traditional sleek' design team.

The Browns/Bucs/Seahawks looked like they picked the 'big, bold, busy' design team

The Falcons/Vikings looked like they picked the 'see how far we can push it but dont go too far' design team

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