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Steeler Hitman

Hitman's One and Done Mock

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I am only doing one mock and it is in the eleventh hour.  I have long admired many of the draftniks in this group that generate mock after mock starting at season's end. I have mad respect for you and your ability.  
I did some homework reading and watching videos and found a dew players that I liked.  I will admit that I was not as complete in the process as previous years as I have been dealing with caring for a family member with some health issues and all of life's other things (work, family, etc.).  My only regret is not finding the TE to help us here.
(In my Mean Joe Green voice) With the 20th pick of the NFL draft. Steelers Nation, your Pittsburgh Steelers select: Greedy Williams CB LSU 6'2 183
Greedy fills a need opposite Hayden and allows Nelson to move inside.  Hopefully this doesn't spell the end of Mike Hilton, but probably means the Artie Burns experiment is done.  Artie is a great kid and unfortunately was never a great fit here in Pittsburgh.  It came down to Byron Murphy or Greedy on my board. The ILB's are gone, I don't like any WR this high (including the speedy gifted Brown), too high to take Chase or Darnell, so it's Greedy. I considered two other ole' school physical type CB's in De Andre' Baker and Rock Ya Sin, but that doesn't seem to work here in Pittsburgh.  No shot at Hockenson at TE, and I don't like the draft value of Fant at #20.  Some experts think Montez Sweat will fall greatly. If he is here a la David DeCastro, I am running the card up there as long as there are no real health concerns.  It doesn't make up for passing on Dan Marino, but our pass rush rotation would just get scary.
With the 52nd pick of the NFL Draft in round two. The Piitsburgh Steelers select: Safety Darnell  Savage University of MD 5'10 198


The Steelers again draft a safety high.  They may have to use some draft picks to move up, but this pick makes perfect sense to me.  He has a lot of the tools and versatility that made Sean Davis the pick a few years ago, but he seems to be a little more consistent and has the ability to play FS and move the Steelers into some exotic three safety looks defend the pass and allow Edmunds to move up and use his speed and strength in the box or at SS.  The bottom line is the pick offers the defense versatility and the ability to add some play makers.


With the 66th pick of the NFL Draft: The Pittsburgh Steelers select: Chase Winovich Edge Univeristy of Michigan  6'3 250
Dreams do come true.  Many think he will be over-drafted and some list him as a potential first rounder.  He reminds me of Edmunds in that he is a great fit for us, but I don't want to over-draft him either. Great value, great pick. Homegrown kid and the Steelers love drafting the guys with flowing locks.  He will be affectionately nown as Thor going forward.
With the 83rd pick of the NFL Draft: The Pittsburgh Steelers select: Edge D'Andre' Walker UGA
I don't like double dipping, but we need help at OLB/Edge and the value is too good to pass up. I do like Ola from last year, but I am not a fan of
Chick's play. He has a great work ethic and hard worker, but  need more production. 
With the 141st pick of the NFL Draft: The Pittsburgh Steelers select:Te'Von Conely ILB ND 6' 235
Steelers get an ILB that can develop behind Barron and contribute on ST. Not a sexy pick, but one that may be effective in a few years as a starter.

Steelers trade up to select: With the 142 nd pick of the NFL Draft: The Pittsburgh Steelers select: Gary Jennings WR WVU 6'1 210


It came down to him or his teammate. i love them both, but Jennings has some return ability and special teams are always a bonus.

175 6 - - Traded

192 6 - - Traded
207 6 - -  With the 207th pick of the NFL Draft: The Pittsburgh Steelers select: RB Miles Gaskins Washington 5'10 190



With the 219th and final pick of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the select : Mike Dogbe DE 6'3 283

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Darnell Savage at #52? Wow. That's not happening. Chase Winovich is a classic Brooks Reed type. So, uhh, yeah, I'm good. 

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22 hours ago, Money said:

Darnell Savage at #52? Wow. That's not happening. Chase Winovich is a classic Brooks Reed type. So, uhh, yeah, I'm good. 

You were certainly on point with this one.  I honestly didn't expect any safeties to go in the first round and had hoped that he would slip a bit a bit in round two.

I do believe that GB over-drafted him.  This was nowhere near as bad as the Steelers over-drafting Edmonds, but not what I would call great value.  Teams like who they like. I think that they may try to move up if someone that they love is still there and they can package one of those two #3's with something. 


I don't have a problem with Chase being drafted. In a perfect world, I would say he should be drafted in the fourth round, but like Savage, He will go a round earlier and someone may even take him in round two.  I do think he has some upside and can develop into a decent OLB/Edge in a few years and will immediately contribute on ST.  He has a high character and works hard.  I believe the Steelers locker room needs more guys like this. We had a lot of characters and now it is time to get more players with character.

Who do you like today?

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