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On 13/07/2019 at 1:09 PM, JaguarCrazy2832 said:

Seriously though a remotely decent backup QB and RB

A legit #1 WR and TE(although they probably hope Oliver develops to that)


We do have potentially the coolest and most entertaining backup QB in the league.

I'd be less worried about that though, and more about whether our starter is any good.  If he's not, it's a writeoff season anyway.


We do badly need a true #1WR.  And even if Oliver is gonna be that #1TE for us...he's probably a while away.


Our LBer corps is kind of a mess without Telvin.  I don't even know what we need.   But probably 2 guys there, really.  Especially since they've made it pretty clear our new stud isn't going to be used to maximum effect with LBer snaps.

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