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3 Up 3 Down


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1. Another clean game turnover wise. This is good, this is progress.

2. Devin Singletary is real fast and real shifty, he's gotta stay involved more. 

3. Smoke proving yet again to be the most underrated FA signing in the NFL, dude carries this passing attack. 


1. The run defense is a serious issue, the second half improvement is encouraging, but they NEED to get it together or we're going nowhere.

2. Daboll showing once again that he has no idea what he's doing, the offense never seems to have an entire game where they look or feel in sync, and he outright abandoned the passing game after the first quarter.

3. Frank had an awful day today, no way around that.

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Our offensive flow sucks. I feel like when running game is working, we start throwing, when Josh is in sync we stop his momentum and start running.

My biggest complaint with this staff is they don’t have a killer instinct. We scored 17 points quick today and then we took our foot off the gas. They need to learn to stay aggressive and go for the kill, they get too complacent.

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Frank had a bad outing but I also blame the oline on those goal line carries they were getting pushed back with ease. Gore kept getting tripped up on guys like that 4th and 1 morse was pushed right in to him and he tripped over his leg.

I dont know what everyone thinks by im tired of this punter yes he had 2 decent punts with the wind but a 15 yard punt on your own 20 yardline is inexcusable. If it were against the pats it would have been an automatic 7 points for them. This isnt his first awful punt either and its exhausting having to bite your nails on a simple punt.

Daboll is killing me he is either over running or not running enough, like you said the balance Isnt there and makes it look like they are trying to hard. Another thing is Allen with a designed run that caused a fumble again, seriously stop that call. If you have an itch to call a qb run slap yourself in the face and think again. Also the same play calling is to predictable which is why McKenzie got lit up on that sweep run so he needs to be more creative with the play calling. Lastly I know he doesnt want to risk turnovers but there was really no deep threat yesterday. Why have Duke inactive and Foster active if your not going to utilize his ability down the field? To me this guy just doesnt seem like he knows what he is doing and is a reason why he failed miserably at other OC jobs in the past. 

My 4th and final complaint is the run defense, this looks to be the same thing over and over each week. Facing a team who has Nick Chubb this coming week they need to make sure they build off that 2nd half from skins game and not have a repeat of the 1st half or the philly game. They just got owned by a 33 year old rb who was getting 10 yards a carry. Mcdermott needs to adjust this for the long term. It is safe to say Star isnt living up to that contract and they can clear 2.3 mil by cutting him this summer. 

The positives:

Singletary he has great vision and allusiveness, I wish he had another gear to get going but he doesnt have the speed which is fine. I could see them bring in a homerun type guy in the summer. 

Jordan Phillips continues to dominate as a DT pass rusher and Beane should be looking to extend him.

Andre Roberts continues to show his worth on Special Teams he had a heck of a return yesterday that put them in a great spot to score.

Beasley and Brown have clearly been great additions and they have shown it every week. Beasley now 3 games in a row with a TD.

Lastly Penalties were minimal and Turnovers were minimal, this was the cleanest game all year when it came to that stuff. I hope it continues moving forward.

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