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Skins fan here with a trade question

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19 hours ago, NVRamsFan said:

Yeah my understanding is he’d have to sign the tender but you can still negotiate a long term deal. Frank Clark did that this past offseason. It’s really a question of getting it done early enough in the window. Also I’d wager he wants a long term deal.

Agreed.  The only question would be what is his salary demands.  I expect them to be quite high and the higher his salary the lower the compensation, which makes me think the compensation is a fourth, but possibly a third which is what the Rams would have to get in order to make a tag and trade of Fowler happen, but IMO Miami isn’t likely going to be interested due to the compensation price.  I’m sure we have interest in the player if he is a Free Agent, but I doubt we want to pay a 3rd round pick for him.

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