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Totally homer 2020 Mock draft


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Totally Homer 2020 NFL Draft—

Did this last year in these doldrums, and with huge news probably popping up at any time, this might get buried, but WTH.  20% serious, want to give some love to my Georgia ‘Dawgs!!!


*Trade* 1.13—Andrew Thomas, LT UGA

2021 1st and 2nd for a franchise Left Tackle.  Dude is really a dancing bear that is an underclassman and is a franchise guy for 15 years.  I wish this was a reality, but the cost is too high.  I love this kid, and would love him as a Steeler.  Kick VIlly to RT.


2.49—D’Andre Swift, RB UGA

Not a big need on my board, but he is here, and this fixes the running back situation for a long time.  A different back than anyone else we have, he is a burner with a killer dead leg, a pass threat out of the backfield, and a great kid.  Makes Samuels/White expendable, and is the insurance for Connor’s yearly multi-game injury.


3.102—Isaiah Wilson, RT UGA

My legit Pittsburgh wish.  This kid is made to be a Steeler.  He is ONLY 21, played 2 years in the SEC, is HUGE, and is from New York state.  Legit mauler, locker room jokester, made to be an understudy and then have a 15-20 year career.  Has some issues in pass pro, but he is only 21.  Will be the biggest dude in the room at any time.


*Trade* 4.109—Jake Fromm, QB UGA

Future 3rd to grab a QB of the future.  Game manager that has stories of his film studies/work ethic that are legendary.  Not the best arm, but is a gamer that led the Dawgs to the final game as a freshman, and beat out 2 5* players for PT.  At the very least, he is comp for Rudolph for the heir apparent to Ben’s throne in two years, with the winner having a very talented backup.


4.124—Solomon Kindley, OG UGA

Road.  Grader.  Nasty guard that finishes in run plays, and extends well on pass plays.  HUGE lower half and has a nasty streak.  Swing backup early, but earns a job later on with high effort and character.


4.135—Rodrigo Blankenship, K UGA

I realize that Boswell is entrenched after a bounceback year, but I love my dude HotRod.  Clutch kicker and just all around great dude.  Maybe I can envision a scenario where we trade Boz and take Hot Rod?  JK, but in this homer draft, he is all DAWG.


6.198—JR Reed, S UGA

Late grab here from a talented back of the defense dude.  Guy came in with Kirby as a transfer from Tulane, and no promises at all.  Nephew of Dale Carter, he was really recruited so his talented cousin would come to Athens, but he flamed out and is now a Volunteer.  Anyway, Reed is athletically limited, but is a junkie in film and weights.  He is the opposite of a guy who makes mental mistakes but can make up for it with freakish athleticism, Reed doesn’t get put in spots to get exposed.  I would love to mold him as a FS, and allow Edmunds and Fitzpatrick more roaming ability, but either way, he is a general on the field and a damn good player.


*Trade* 7.224—Charlie Woerner, TE UGA

Look out, some buzz here with Charlie.  Quietly poking out as the option for teams that do not want the middling mid round TEs or the athletic freaks with no numbers.  Woerner is SPARQ-y enough, and can really do it all.  Played in-line, as FB, move, and in big slot.  Big enough to block at the POA, but athletic enough to beat LB/S 1 on 1.


7.232—Lawrence Cager, WR UGA

One year at UGA and popped out as a HUGE player that when he went down, derailed the offense.  Vertical threat and huge target at 6’6”, not a burner but a perfect backshoulder fade guy.  Productive at Miami, but irreplaceable late in 2019 for UGA.




Tyler Clark, DT (3 tech)—

Not a perfect replacement for Hargrave, but dude is a baller.  Natural 3 tech that can become an interior pass rush guy.  Played some 5, but I like him more down in A and B gaps.


Brian Herrian, RB—

Hard working, tough and talented, the perfect foil to Swift.  Herrian waited a LONG time to play, and he produced with huge carries and catches in big games this year.  I see him being able to bulk up and play some snaps that Trey Edmonds claims.


Tae Crowder, ILB—

LOVE THIS DUDE.  Recruited as a RB, flopped to DB, then WR, back to RB, finally to ILB in junior year.  Staff tried to find every way to pass him over with 5* and other highly rated guys, but Crowder is just that guy.  More of the cover backer for UGA, is excellent at covering backs and TE’s, and is a SURE tackler.  Would be an AMAZING ST player.


Tyler Simmons, WR—

4.4 speed, good route runner, but suspect hands and 5’8” on a good day made Simmons fade as the year went on.  Would take a look as a gunner/ST guy.


Eli Wolfe, TE—

One year wonder from Tennessee.  Was on the field a lot as the move TE and big slot.  Not MUCH of a blocker, but is a mismatch in the passing game.


Michael Barnett, NG—

LOVE THIS DUDE!!  (Full disclosure, the high school I teach/coach at is in the area he grew up in and I loved him when I had to coach against him in HS—loved it when he flipped from FSU). Came in as a DL, went to OL, back to DT, finally landed at NG with 40+ good pounds.  He is a nose plugger, but taller (6’3”).  Vocal leader and grinder.  Very productive in a 50/50 role.


David Marshall, DT (5 tech)—

Another quiet DL, Marshall plays the tuff end/strong end for UGA, and allows the pass rush from the weak side.  STRONG at the POA, just not much with stats.  Again, a role player guy that would be a project, but there are worse players to have.



Now, once again, this is for ha-has and not realistic.  BUT, there are some guys that I would love to see go from UGA to Pittsburgh.  Isaiah Wilson, for the right price (trade back or at 102) would be awesome, and checks all of the Steelers boxes (Power 5, underclassman, SPARQ-y) and would be around for a very long time.  Kindley as well, for much of the same reasons.  Not as SPARQ-y, but can be a swing guy at guard before earning his stripes.  I would LOVE Woerner as a TE option for us, as he is well rounded and willing.  He is better than one of the higher round options that are more static in their skillset.  UDFA-wise, I would love for Pittsburgh to take a look at Crowder and Barnett… these two dudes are the bluecollar guys we like and are easy to cheer for.


Lemme know what you think!!!!

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There is a couple reasons I dont like it, but the biggest is just the trade to get  LT by using huuuuge resources next year. 

I think we are in a decent enough position with Villy and an extension for another 2-3 years. I think next year is a good year to go after a LT of the future. That's a heavy cost for a guy who might not play year 1 on a team with playoff aspirations, but decent holes to fill. 

That's too costly to upgrade something I dont think we need to address until next year. 

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6 hours ago, kurgan said:

I wish this was a reality, but the cost is too high


6 hours ago, kurgan said:

Now, once again, this is for ha-has and not realistic.

Maybe I should have been more transparent, but this about Andrew Thomas was  was not serious.  I'm just highlighting some of the players that are draft-eligible from my favorite college football team.

I would also NOT take Swift at #49... RB is not a big enough need.  Also, I did not address OLB at all.... this is not a serious mock, just talking about my 'Dawgs.

That said, there are some guys that I would LOVE to see in Black and Gold.  Wilson, Kindley, Woerner, Crowder and Barnett, to start.  Reed in the right situation.  HotRod....

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A 2021 first and 2nd wouldnt likely get us to 13th overall this year.  Maybe next years 1st plus our 2nd and 3rd THIS year.

I would never do that kinda trade for anything other than a premier QB talent or maybe if our roster was stacked with few needs.  We have plenty of bigger needs than LT right now.

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On 3/17/2020 at 9:19 PM, kurgan said:

Now, once again, this is for ha-has and not realistic.

Again, maybe I should have been more transparent,  but THE ANDREW THOMAS TRADE WAS NOT SERIOUS.

I am simply highliting guys from my fave university, and I could not leave Thomas out.  I would not want to trade up, nor do I think we could do it THIS YEAR.


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25 minutes ago, wwhickok said:

I hate the RB and QB selections 

Yea... as I said in the post, I would not take Swift at #49... we have bigger needs.  He would be a steal, but not what I think we need to do.

I hate how low people are on Fromm.  Dude is not flashy, not a gunslinger, not a stat machine, but dangit does he win games.  And put his people in the right spots... and make throws.  Natural leader, Coach in the huddle.  Some team is going to be very happy with him.  I realize we are set at QB and will never take him, but he is WELL worth the pick in the 4th and is going to have a long career.

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14 hours ago, wwhickok said:

The reason Fromm is disregarded is that there is a serious concern about his arm strength 

I get that.  100%.  With good reason.

His game is NOT predicated on huge throws downfield.  I hate labels and groups, but he is def a "game manager" QB.  I realize those types of QB are out of vouge in the NFL, but there is a role for these dudes.  I, for sure, get a Matt Hasselbeck/Trent Dilfer vibe from Fromm.  He can make the throws when he needs to.

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