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Kyle Juszczyk - NFL's Most Oversized Contract?

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ESPN'S Bill Barnwell ran through a list of the most oversized contract, and our brand new FB ended up number one (and with pretty sound reasoning):



Juszczyk definitely wasn't the highlight of our front office's first offseason. But - I have a feeling he'll become more of an H-Back/TE/FB hybrid anyway. Still - hard to argue that we were playing the FB market on this deal.

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Honestly, juice check and his contract don't really bother me. Yeah, its an over pay, but in the scheme of it, his salary is a miniscule percentage of the overall cap, and I don't think theres a doubt that we are getting the best in the league at what he does, which is something Shanny utilizes quite a bit. I have bigger issues with the contract a guy like smith gets, as he really is no better than replacement level and may even be below that. He's easily replaceable by nearly any guy on the waiver wire for the vet minimum. I'm not getting anything close to juice checks ability on the waiver wire at the vet min

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1 hour ago, 48 1/2ers said:

I'm glad we're paying this guy the contract we are. If the NFL structured its pay with the most money going to the guys putting their long term health/brain at the most risk this contract would be a bargain. 

Interesting look. 

I'm torn, here. I think the way Juszczyk will be used here, he will certainly earn his keep. But it's not the money for a FB. I mean, Andy Lee was undoubtedly the best punter in the league, but if we ever gave him a 4 year, $21 million deal, I think we'd have all lost our collective minds. Position value means something.

Then again, apparently he was offered more money by another team (if you can believe it), so clearly his market needed to be high enough.


What makes it worth it for me, I see him being used in a hybrid role that's more similar to how Delanie Walker was used here (although with a better offensive mind putting it to use in Shanny). So if that holds true, then he'll certainly earn his keep. Looking at it that way, his contract is similar to that of Jack Doyle of the Colts, who put up 59/584/5 last year. If Juszczyk makes it there (although that's somewhat close to doubling last year's numbers), then it will have easily been worth it. 

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