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"Its the Final Countdown!!" Mock

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Alright, this is gonna be it. After this one Im just going to sit back, relax, and enjoy all the rumors and chaos that is about to be the 2020 NFL Draft. Really wish we had a 1st to take part in this madness, but Ill be here on Thursday night regardless. Cant break Draft tradition just because of a Global Pandemic, so while Ill be alone, Ill still be set up with a bunch of screens and chowing down on some Za. It will be be fun mixing it up in the General/Draft forums, but Ill post here as well with just some thoughts on whats going down, hope some of you come to chat as well. And Ill be sure to be in here Friday night where we will be much more active. 


TRADE: Rams trade Gerald Everett + #199 (6th) to Buffalo for pick #128 (4th) + #188 (6th) + 2021 6th Rounder

  • I do think an Everett trade happens draft weekend, he is just a better option than any of the other TEs in the draft for 2020. Looking at my last mock, we might not get as much as I predicted (it was a second conditional 2021 4th, before they made the Diggs deal) But I also think that just a later 4th isnt enough either. So we move up some spots in the 6th this year, not much, but they throw in the 2021 6th to get it done. As I was looking at our trade assets, I realized how bleak the 2021 Draft is looking for us right now; No 1st, no 4th, no 5th. So after the realization that they may be pretty comfortable with the team we currently have now, I think this draft might be used just as much to build us a draft for next season as it is to add some talent this year.

NFL Draft

R2) TRADE: Rams trade #52 (2nd) + #84 (3rd) + #188 (6th) to Denver for #46 (2nd) + #95 (3rd)

  • I know I just said that we need to recoup some draft capital for 2021, but this move here, and the impact it will provide for 2020 is what allows us to make moves with the future in mind later in the draft. Some are saying that the Broncos are moving up in the 1st, and they may not have these picks, but right now they do, and thats all I can work with. As good as they could be for this season, They are still restocking, and dropping just a bit here (6 spots) for a bigger jump in the 4th (11 spots) plus another depth pick make this a pretty fair deal. 

R2) #46 - Zack Baun LB Wisconsin

  • Baun seems to be slipping a bit, but only a bit. The "deluded test" might give a few teams pause, and with some other LBs who have higher ceilings likely available in the 25-40 range, we shoul take advantage. I dont think he makes it all the way to 52, but a small move up is definitely worth it. Adding Baun gives us even more versatility than we already have, as he could line up on he edge or in the middle depending on the need/package. Many see him as maxed out on potential, and I cant really disagree all that much, as a bit of a tweener who is shorter and smaller than ideal, but he is very good in coverage and just has a knack for rushing the passer. This (or Tee Higgings) would just about be a best case scenario for our first pick.

R2) TRADE: Rams trade #57 (2nd)  to Washington for #108 (4th) + 2021 2nd Rounder

  • As I said earlier, our 2021 Draft is bleak right now, and we are going to start using the Brandon Cooks trade to restock the Pond for after we have to pay Ramesy next year. The Williams/Browns talk is stirring up again, and with more holes to fill, but no second round pick this year they will want to move up for another impact guy (they arent trading #2 overall), potentially the last day 1 OT left on the board. Wshington can kick that missing 2nd rounder can down the road a year, as Rivera didnt come for a 5 year rebuild, he will want a pair of impact stars for year one.

R3) TRADE: Rams trade #95 (3rd) + 2022 7th Rounder (MIA) to Miami for #153 (5th) + #154 (5th) + 2021 3rd Rounder

  • Just wheeling and dealing here. We work back down the draft board again to recoup some more future assets. The Dolphins can only use so many of their war time stockpile of picks. They will likely move around in the first Two rounds as well, nut they dont currently have a pick between 70 and 141. Although they do still have 7 picks outside of the Top 150 and will likely try to jump back into the end of day two. They currently have 4 picks in the first 2 rounds of next year as well thanks to BoB, so throwing a future third at us is pocket change to them. As a cherry on top, we send back that 2022 7th from the Talib "trade" earlier this year. (I have a suspicion we will be sending that back to them sometime in the next two drafts)

R3) #104 - Zack Moss RB Utah

  • Moss is the guy I want most if we are going to draft a RB. He is a complete back, and most of all I like what I saw in his limited Pass Pro reps. There will be more dynamic guys out of this class, but it will be hard to find a more well rounded guy. Now with his high usage in college and running style that isnt like to change in the NFL, his long term outlook is limited, which is a big factor foe his lower draft stock than most of the RBs in this dradt. But that is fine for us, especially out of a late 3rd rounder, and a RB. I also think alot of the RBs are going to slip, the WRs will go in the 1st and early in the 2nd, and we dont grab dobbins, because we make the move up for Baun. Moss should be a great compliment to Henderson, and gradually take over lead down reps from Brown early in the season. Ive seen some compare him to Gore, that would be high praise, but I did like Zierlein's comp of Marion Barber. Day one contributor here. 

R4) #108 - Kenny Robinson DB XFL

  • This is more of a pick for myself, I just love Kenny. This dude is a play maker, but he is also a liability at times. He is best as a CF ballhawk, but has shown the ability to lineup elsewhere in the secondary. He has all the size, speed and range that you would want, and has already had a taste of "professional football in the XFL where he was a standout. Especially as we see more and more 3 safety looks in the NFL to get more coverage on the field, he could be a huge asset. This is mostly just a value pick here, some are even trying to project him as a 1st rounder or Top 50 pick. Some team would have to absolutely fall in love with him for that, but doubtful. Sounds like we have reached out as well, so keep an eye.

R4) #126 - Jacob Phillips LB LSU

  • I really like what Phillips does every time I watch his games. He will never wow you with explosive plays or big blow up hits, but he always seems to be in the right spot. I think his sideline to sideline agility is underrated, and he is actually pretty useful in underneath zone coverage, he just cant turn and stick with someone man-to-man. That, along with not being a bulldog in the middle of the line makes him a poor fit as a true Mike, but could fit in very well as a early down ILB for a 34 defense. But his biggest plus, he is as sure of a tackler as you will find, even if its not explosive, he will get his guy down. This area of the draft we are looking for contributors, not day one starters, and throwing Phillips in with they guys we already have, I think he could definitely rise to the top of the depth chart.

R4) #128 - Colin Johnson WR Texas

  • Going alittle bit out of our forums box here (like jrry did) but Johnson is the type of weapon that if you hit on, he is an unfair mismatch. His legitimate size and absurd catch radius automatically make him a RedZone nightmare. But I think he is more than that, as he has deceptive speed once he gets going, which with a fixed OL we can really take advantage of. He is a players son, and actually understands how to to run good routes (even though his tree is limited) and once he works on his get off, he could be a menace against opposing #2 CBs. Plus he is another one of those Senior Bowl guys that I wouldnt be surprised if we are in on. Feel like he might the mismatch chess piece that we all have wanted Reynolds to be.

R5) #153 - Danny Pinter OL Ball State

  • Ive had a few sleepers Ive been looking at for a bit now, and suddenly they have appeared on more national sleeper lists, so i feel even better about them. Pinter is one of those guys, as a converted TE to OT, he still has all the athleticism even as he is adding bulk. Once he gets to be a lead blocker on the second level, he is really fun to watch. But he also shows great hand use, and has the grit/mean streak to handle himself as an interior lineman, which he will have to be in the NFL. He is still learning and growing, but he doesnt have an unlimited ceiling like the freak OTs that usually get push way up the draft. I think as a Utility Lineman, McVay could have some fun with him this year, using his athleticism as an extra "TE" to get his blocking on the second level. But what I learned most about myself with Pinter, is I watch too much MACtion haha.

R5) TRADE: Rams trade #154 (5th) + #234 (7th) to Green Bay for #175 (5th) + #192 (6th)

  • Honestly, I dont have a thought out reason on this trade, other than I want another Top 200 pick because there were a few guys left on the board. But these type of deals happen all the time at the end of the draft. So why not?

R5) #154 - Isaiah Coulter WR Rhode Island

  • Another sleeper here, but its much harder to scout because his level of competition is so low. But I saw his Virginia Tech game, and wow is it impressive. Has legitimate length and speed for the NFL, but doesnt really play "receiver", he just goes out and balls. He will take a bit to adjust, but this is the type of project that I would love to get, because in year 3 he could be an absolute stud.

R6) #192 - Raequan Williams DL Michigan St

  • Raequan has become my guy. Ive seen him ranked by everyone else in the 180-230 range for some reason. So if that is where he falls on actual NFL boards, we need to scoop him up late. Guy would be a great rotational NT. 


This Mock may not be the most fun result out there, but I think it may be the most useful to the organization. This gives us basically 2 starters, one allowing us to become an amoeba LB corps and the other as a true compliment in the backfield, along with a few more contributors for this year. But more importantly, we go from having only one 2nd & 3rd round picks (plus hopefully a high Comp pick) to potentially 5 Top 100 picks, plus a few more late round picks that would be useful to move around a bit for guys we want.

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Like the Baun and Moss picks but not much of a fan of the trades. Especially dont like swapping out 2nd for a future pick 

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