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Two transformative players coming off injury could greatly help the Redskins


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We’ve had these discussions before, but I thought this was a good article and discussion piece. If Love is healthy He could give our O a home run threat at RB as a change of pace guy for Peterson and Guice. I’m really hoping he comes back strong and of course that Guice finally stays healthy.

Then, the writer chose Reuben Foster as well for the D. As most of us know Foster has been running on the treadmill for months but we don’t know what else he’s able to do yet, to my knowledge. If he’s able to make it back to where he can start, he could be a big boost to our front 7 at WLB.

We have a lot of question marks on our team, but Foster is certainly the biggest one of them all. If he can make it back, our D should be pretty solid bc he’s by far our most pure talented LB.

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Love should have left before his senior year.  ACL injuries are now a surgery where there is little worry about longevity, provided we don't rush the player back.  He was a Heisman hopeful already, and a Day 2 pick regardless.  With the current outlook to running backs, even a Heisman victory wouldn't have likely propelled him to the first round.  I hope he works out for us, I have high hopes for him.  

I've said enough on Foster, but if it's not the knee, it's the shoulder.  Two big injury question marks for him.  He's kept himself out of the news and it looks like he's put his problems behind him, so I hope he gets a chance.  A healthy Foster, playing at his rookie season level, makes this linebacker corps from a bottom dwelling group to the 20-ish range.  

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Fun article to read!

I totally agree about Love. The front office knew what they were getting when selecting Love. He is dynamic and only needs to get healthy after a big injury. After that we have a lot of young unproven playmakers. In the season of hope it’s great to see the potential. 

A healthy Foster will be great for this D. All at once only the CB’s look like a weak link then. 

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