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SoFi Stadium


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On 6/30/2020 at 6:45 PM, NVRamsFan said:

I’m not defensive I’m honestly curious why people care so much about this. Instead of comments how great it looks there are negative comments about the cost and overruns. People seem upset that a billionaire and his business partners are upset that they’re spending their own billions to build their own Taj Majal. As I said before at least they’re spending their own money. You’re worried because of some unconfirmed cost number is higher than the initial estimates when that means nothing to anybody other than the guy footing the bill. If this was using public funds I’d care, since it’s not using public money who gives a damn how much it costs.

That is a fair point, however it doesnt make it not a financial debacle, which was what you questioned in the beginning. 



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